Smart Phones and Communication

Smart Phones and Communication

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Smart phones have given communication a new meaning by way of applications, high speed wireless internet access, messaging services, and more. They have also brought forth a world of difference, with reference to connectivity as they make syncing data with your laptops and computers easy.

revolutionized communication

Smart phones have also revolutionized communication through constant innovations that enable users to access data immediately and connect with others at the touch of a button. As the globe continues to explore the limits of the technology world and communication, here are some of the applications that have made the mobile world a captivating phenomena.

Cozi Communication

To put it in simple words, Cozi acts as a family planner and stands true to its tag line,  “Family Life Simplified.” Some of its outstanding features include family calendars, shopping list management, appointment reminders, text messaging, and email service. These self-explanatory features are designed in a way where the family can keep up with their various schedules and tasks with the minimum possibility of forgetting something. It also gets the family together so everyone literally knows what the other is doing or about to do!

E Wallet

The number of passwords required for everyday functions may be hard to keep track of. E Wallet helps you with not only protecting your passwords and keeping them safe, but also making them easily available. From banking to computer passwords, this feature never forgets them. Additionall, E-Wallet also allows an ongoing flow of information that can be added as and when required. Due to its highly confidential and trusted features, it has come to being one of the safest options for classified information.

Pocket (formerly known as “Read It Later”)

As you surf the internet, you often come across information that you’d like to examine at a later time. This app assists with syncing such information to your phone, tablet, or computer so that it can be viewed anytime without an internet connection. From articles to videos, you can view this information without having to rely on internet access.


As the name suggests, Bump helps its users with sharing information such as contacts, pictures, events, and connecting with social networking websites by just “bumping” your phone with someone else’s. The latest feature of Bump includes sharing music with others. It’s quite exciting to see how this tool is able to connect with other applications as well. To put it in layman’s terms, it gives off a perfect combination of making life easier and fun simultaneously!


This app serves as a one-stop solution for finding anything. It can be described as a city guide that helps people find various places to eat, drink, play, watch movies, and much more. It also allows its users to share their experiences at various service outlets.

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