Choosing a Smartphone

Choosing a Smartphone

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When you are choosing a smartphone, the first thing to consider is the available collection of apps for it. In Samsung’s case, who’s the leading brand of smartphones, the app collection is simply amazing; you’ll surely be delighted. From gaming to entertainment and shopping to finance, Samsung smartphone apps offer endless possibilities. Here’s the lowdown on the top smartphone apps when choosing a smartphone like Samsung.

choosing a smartphone-How To Find Top Apps

Your Samsung phone will have a Google Play icon. Once its clicked, you have access to a host of others apps. Enter the Google Play market using the menu on your smartphone and accept the terms and conditions to access the Samsung smartphone app market. After being directed to the app market, you can search for apps in various genres. The top app in every section will be at the very beginning of your search results.

Top Samsung Apps For Gaming

Angry Birds Space Premium is one of the top Samsung smartphone apps. Download this app and indulge yourself with an egg-saving quest! Osmos HD is another gaming app that’ll keep you addicted with its powerful features and serene gaming environment. A third gaming app is Triple Town, which is very popular in its own right. Triple Town will keep you entangled in its cryptic world of puzzles!

Top Samsung Apps For Entertainment

If you were to dig deep into the Samsung smartphone app market, then you’d find SoundHound. This is one amazing application that stores favorite tunes onto your phone. Going further into entertainment apps, there’s IMDB Movies & TV, one of the most popular entertainment apps on the Samsung platform. With this app, you can be well-informed of movies and TV shows and become a movie wiz!

Choosing a Smartphone Miscellaneous Top Samsung Apps

Trip It is an app that helps you organize all your travel plans and schedules on a single platform. This is for the purpose of not having to keep checking for confirmation emails every time you plan a trip. Also, consider Pulse. It’s a very intruiging Samsung smartphone app that allows you to choose your favorite news sources, thereby creating a personalized newspaper. Then, there’s Evernote. Evernote is another Samsung smartphone app that lets you store notes, record memos, and capture photos. You don’t have to remember everything manually! The last example of a misc. Samsung app is Sketchbook Mobile. This interesting app enables you to sketch on a digital platform. Thus, rendering a piece of paper and pen useless. Choosing a Smartphone.

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