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Marketplace Apps

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Google has launched its very own marketplace apps store and offers plenty of apps in the business genre. These Google smartphone business apps are popularly known as “marketplace apps.” They can be used in conjunction with existing apps to utilize resources (email and spreadsheets) effectively. You can access Google smartphone apps on your phone by logging into your Google account credentials and installing these apps. Here’s the scoop on the top Google smartphone apps for your business:

marketplace apps top list

AdSense Dashboard

As a free app, this one provides four pages of valuable information. On the first page, you can view your earnings or CTR/RPM statistics for the current and previous day. The second page displays the top 10 URLs you have visited in the past week. On the third page, you can view colored graphs that are used to mark trends of each category. The last page shows a list of your earnings that’s recorded on a day-to-day basis. AdSense Dashboard is also equipped with a widget that constantly updates the details of all of your earnings.

Marketplace Apps-Analytix

Unlike AdSense Dashboard, this app isn’t free. Analytix is priced at approximately $2, if you’re purchasing the full version. With this app, you can check your stats with ease and choose from 6 widgets. Each widget gets automatically updated! Once the full version of Analytix is purchased, you can keep track of your earnings, stats, traffic sources, and much more.

Rhino Accounting

This is a free Google smartphone app that is basically a double-entry accounting app, similar to QuickBooks. Rhino Accounting allows you to monitor your income against expenditures, generate invoices, and also generate paychecks. If you’re aware of the basic accounting essentials, then this app will be very useful to you.


Project management is a component of every business manager’s life. Managing all aspects of a project can be a daunting task. RapidTask is a specialized to-do list that is centered on project management. It gives you the power to share tasks among your team members and assign tasks.


Google smartphone apps offer this amazing app wherein there’s a page for users to click on a date and time to seek an appointment with you. This appointment is directly loaded onto your Google Apps calendar, along with an email notification about the details regarding the appointment. Marketplace Apps.

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