HTC Smartphone

HTC Smartphone

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Smartphones are the latest talk of the town, and one the most popular ones are HTC smartphone. They’re becoming increasingly popular, due to the millions of apps that they offer. HTC is one of the leading brands for smartphones. If you own this type of breed of smartphones, then you may want to know what the top HTC smartphone apps are. You can access apps on your HTC smartphone through the Google Play market. Here’s a brief list of the top HTC smartphone apps:

HTC smartphone apps top List

Facebook for HTC smartphone

One of the most popular social networking sites is, simultaneously, the top HTC smartphone app. Facebook for HTC lets you access your Facebook account, update your status, upload photos, and more. This app gives HTC smartphone users the privilege of tapping into Facebook and using its services as they please.


Who wouldn’t’ love having remote access on their PC! The PhoneMyPc app lets you do just that. With this app, you can have full control over your Windows PC. During synchronization, you’ll be required to select a username and password. PhoneMyPC is so powerful that you can have live interactions with your PC and execute multiple tasks!


Opera is one of the best mobile browsers that your HTC smartphone can ask for. With a high browsing speed, this app supports multiple tabbing and many other slick features that you’d love to have on a browser.

Shop Savvy

This amazing app is highly recommended for people who love to shop. With Shop Savvy, you can save on all of your favorite purchases. The app comes equipped with a virtual bar code. Once you scan the bar code of a product, Shop Savvy will look for nearby stores that sell the product at the lowest price possible. It also checks the web for cheaper prices of the product.

TV to Go

Another great app for HTC smartphones. TV to Go offers several channels. You can catch up on your favorite TV shows, whether its entertainment, news, or sports. With this app, you can keep track of all of your favorite shows without missing a single one!

Advanced Task Manager

The Advanced Task Manager is vital among HTC smartphone apps. This app lets you manage phone resources such as ending applications, increasing the phone speed, displaying memory information, and many other similar advanced features. Advanced Task Manager was once a paid app. Presently, it’s available as a free app. HTC Smartphone.

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