Facebook App for Smartphones

Facebook app for Smartphones

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Facebook is unarguably one of the best social networking websites and using Facebook app for smartphones have become common. If you have a Facebook account, then you’d want to access it from your smartphone as you please. In fact, there’s a Facebook app available for smartphones that you can download and install. You can access this app at your convenience and instantly connect with those who have a Facebook account. Here are a few tips on using the Facebook app for smartphone.

Facebook App for Smartphones Tips

Upload Photos and Videos

You don’t have to depend on a laptop or PC to upload photos or videos. With the Facebook app for smartphones, you can upload photos directly from your phone. Access the Facebook app and create an album or post photos on your wall. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll have the photos of your choosing uploaded.

Post, Comment, and Poke

With the Facebook app for smartphone, you can do just about everything that you’d normally do on Facebook via a computer. You can respond to comments, post on your friend’s wall, and “poke” people. Additionally, you can check your notifications and see individual posts. You can view photos, “like” them, and even download them to your smartphone!

Add the Facebook App to Your Home Screen

If you access Facebook quite often, then you can have the icon right on your home screen. You can access the app with just one click on the icon. Click on your home screen and go to “settings.” Here, you have the option of adding or removing an icon. Select the Facebook app icon and add it to your home screen. That way, you can access it more easily.

Managing Your Alerts and Notifications

You can select and customize how you want to receive notifications from Facebook. Access the Facebook app and select “settings.” The settings section allows you to choose and assign alert sounds. You can also control what kind of notifications you want alerts for. If you don’t want alert sounds, then you can simply turn the alert sounds off whenever you wish to.

Facebook app for Smartphones-Sync Your Facebook Contacts

The Facebook app for smartphone allows you to sync your Facebook contacts to your phone’s contacts. You can transfer contact info, photos, and other data directly onto your phone. To enable this option, you go to the “friends” option on your Facebook app and click on the “Sync Contacts” option. Facebook app for smartphones.

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