What’s with the name Hoover Maneuver?

The Hoover Maneuver

Who is Hoover Maneuver?

I love what I do and have been doing it for about 12 years now. Running Web Industry is exactly what I want to do and I have a blast doing it. Most of the fun and excitement I get from it comes when we score a home run for our clients.

Why Hoover Maneuver?

Sure I know that when we really crank up the leads coming from a Web Site or a Web Site starts to get 5 times the traffic and sales from before we took it over that the owner has got to be saying “I’m sticking with Web Industry”. Yes, that is what we want; satisfied customers who are thrilled with the results. But the big kick is really knowing that all the accumulated knowledge got applied correctly, and in a technically correct way, generating more than the client expected! And that is what I call a Hoover Maneuver.

Hoover Maneuver- Message

Crafting a special success recipe and lining up all the little pieces into another success story is what we call a Hoover maneuver  - Paul Hoover

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