Integrating Social Media into your Web Site

Social Media into your Web Site

It is hard to believe but Face Book now has 500,000,000 registered users. And still there are business owners who wonder why they need to be on Face Book or other Social Media sites. It isn’t (as I often tell them) that they personally need to be there but that their brand needs to be there! We have to know where to go to put ourselves in front of the potential clients and no doubt the social networks deserve your attention. So linking your Web Site to your Face Book page, your YouTube video channel and your twitter account all makes perfect sense and brings with it a just reward. And if you are in the service industry, other networks are worthy of consideration as well. Examples are: Service Magic, Angie’s List and the BBB. These are mostly referred to as credibility sites but none the less, they are relevant links from and to your Website.

Social Media Marketing

So as social media expands exponentially,  so do the marketing opportunities in this new and exciting space.  Face Book can put your company in front of thousands of prospects and have them clicking onto your Website or blog directly from your Face Book ads.

This is why having a fan page (and a vanity URL with Face Book) makes sense. This is the business version of a Face Book site and it is definitely worth the time investment needed to create it.  Once you have it, you can create and manage marketing campaigns and see all sorts of relevant reports about your site that you can use to make it work better and create more leads and conversions for your external Web Site. It also gives you one more way of interacting with your clients in a clean and predictable way and you will be reaching them where they are.

Social Media Marketing Ways

Once setup, you can integrate all sorts of good content from your main Web Site, from YouTube and more!


Post YouTube Videos | Share pictures |  Create events  | Start discussion posts | Send simultaneous messages to all your fans | Run Ads within the social network | See analytical statistics | Create links to your Blog and External Web Sites

Fan pages act as a wonderful marketing strategy by getting the feedback power directly from the fans.  Some businesses wisely create a platform where the fans interact and provide the real energy behind the site while interacting with each other. In doing so, the clients are the ones that are actually promoting the brand.   And the sense of transparency it provides the company goes a long way with potential and existing clients.

A few pointers to keep in mind for your Face Book Site are:

-management  - keep track of things and pay attention

-promoting- news items and special events

- link – to your external site and blog

-brand awareness – Promote your brand and let the fans do the rest of the marketing for you

Connect with your clients through a Face Book Website of your own. It is easier than you think and is part of most great Website success strategies in using Social Media.

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