How a Blog Marketing Consultant can Help You

Blog Marketing Consultant

Every modern successful business has a blog marketing consultant behind its success. Gone are the days when you had to rely on good old ‘word-of-mouth’ to ensure your business sold well. Nowadays, no matter how big a business you own, without proper marketing, more often than not, it will fall flat on its face. In today’s world, all that glitters is considered gold, or platinum, or a diamond. So no matter what jewels you provide to your clients, without proper marketing, nobody will be able to find you among the millions alike.

Why Blog Marketing Consultant?

Times have changed. So have the people and their outlook. A few decades ago, if you needed to share your company details or advertise, you could just post it in the local newspaper, or over the television or radio. But in today’s ‘connected’ world, the internet has emerged as the new superpower of advertising and marketing. Blog marketing consultants specialize in harnessing the immense potential the internet can provide in order to provide your company with the impetus it deserves. They commonly work with email marketing and advertising, social media and search engine optimizations to ensure you do not go unnoticed.

The main dilemma you will face when hiring a blog marketing consultant is if you really need one. Well, a popular joke goes like this:

How many blog consultants are necessary for you to change a bulb? Among many replies ranging from “what’s your budget?” to “one to change it and four to put it up on a blog”, the most sensible reply would be ‘NONE’. You can do it yourself. Blog marketing requires common sense and just that only. But there are many activities that you could do yourself, ranging from driving your own car to making your own meal at a restaurant. Just because it is common sense does not mean it is a common practice. You have your own story, your own company, and your own history. But you may need help in telling others about that. Blog marketing consultants help you achieve that uniqueness that ensures you stand out among the crowd.

How Can Blog Marketing Consultant Helps You

You may be thinking that you already pay a fortune to your marketing department and it is outrageous to pay some more to someone whose job kind of sounds similar. Well, to be clear, your marketing department will give you a story to share, where as blog marketing consultants will help you share it. They try something new, teach your company some new tricks and add some glitter so the world notices it. However, there are some distinct advantages of hiring a marketing consultant:

They are the ones to bank on when you don’t know what to do. You know you need to increase traffic to your website, you know you need to be heard, you just don’t know how. So call in the experts. They even help in optimizing your marketing strategies.

Blog marketing consultants are essential in using the latest tools for marketing. They help in analyzing traffic to your website and therefore can devise plans of increasing hits and traffic further, besides helping in reducing unwanted budgets and devise effective cost cutting plans to earn profit for you.

In the end, it is safe to say that blog marketing consultants are indispensible as a part of an effective marketing strategy for any business today. It is best not to overlook them and cash in while they still charge low. Who knows, if blog marketing kicks off, you may have to spend a fortune on them as well. Blog Marketing Consultant.

Traits of a Successful Blog Marketing Strategy

Blog Marketing Strategy

Blogs are a great communication tool in this age. You no more need expensive phone calls and websites to broadcast your message. All you have to do is log onto the internet and register your blog. This is usually done for free. Once your blog is established, you can put on your thinking cap and promote yourself and your product in more ways than one.

Success for Blog Marketing Strategy

To be able to successfully use the blog as a marketing tool, you need to market the blog itself properly.  This can be done by applying a certain blog marketing strategy. A god blog entails that it will have certain characteristics to enhance the experience of the viewer.

Blog Marketing Strategy – Things to Improve


First up in your blog marketing strategy should be your content. Ii should be unique, arresting and should have a remarkableness to it. It is this that will make viewers come back to your blog time and again and thus increase your traffic. The content of your blog should not resemble the content of the few million blogs out there which might be dealing with exactly the same topic as your blog is. The trick here is a unique approach. Once you get an approach that others have so far not dealt with, you are on your way to a successful blog. The content should have an arresting headline. Remember, whatever might be the actual article it is the headline which is going to make viewers want to read it. So, instead of “Oak tree”, you could perhaps name your article as “The Oak Where Time Stood Still”.

It Begins at the Beginning

Once you get yourself a great start, your audience will follow the articles as though being attracted by a magnet. But if your beginnings tend to be not that good, your blog might just slip down the list of searched for blogs. The perfect beginning is a great blog marketing strategy.


If you are in the dark about what keywords are, they are the words that the viewer uses to search for a particular product. For example, if she searches for a bag to rent for a party, she might use the phrase “rented bag”. The blog should have researched keywords as part of the content. Hire experienced people to do the research for you and weave those words into your content. This should be done without seeming very much apparent to the viewer that you have done it. Your blog marketing strategy cannot make you o appear to be a desperate person! Your keywords should be selected judiciously – you should go for those keywords which are frequently used by the customers. But the ones you use should preferably have been ignored by your competition. This will land the customers straight on your page!

Neutrality is the Best Blog Marketing Strategy

Make sure your blog points out two sides of the coin. Viewers will not be interested in blogs which feature only promotional content. They want to here out two sides of the case before they take the leap of trusting your product. Make sure that your blog does not get the promotional blog tag and you’ll soon zoom along to success. Blog Marketing Strategy.

How to Choose Blog Marketing Experts?

Blog Marketing Experts

Why Blog Marketing Experts?

Blogs are a sure shot way to market your product and the services that you offer. They are the perfect way to reach out to a wider audience and to make your product one of the most sought after ones.

But to do that, you need to market your blog. For that, you will need the help of blog marketing experts. But how do you know that they are experts and not just another group of people out to scam you of your hard earned money? It’s easy enough. All you need to do is follow some guidelines when you are selecting the expert for yourself. They are the following.

The Experience of Your Blog Marketing Experts

The first thing you need to do is look at the experience which these experts will bring along with them. Everyone has to start at one point in their lives and so do these people. But you really do not want to leave your precious project at the hands of a beginner, do you? Well, they may be a talented crew but the experience does count. In marketing a blog, a person has to look after multiple aspects. If mistake is made in any one of these crucial areas, it’s your blog and ultimately you who is going to suffer. You should be on the lookout for a company which has notable experience, preferably in the field you are in. These companies know the art of marketing and will take your project into their hands from day one and leave you time on your hands to run your company.

The Planners

When searching for blog marketing experts, look out for the planners. These are the people who know that the art of blogging needs detailed planning. They are the ones who will help out on the theme of the blog, the colors to be used in it, the content and even the formatting of the blog. They are also going to manage the number of posts a week, select the best directories to submit to etc. Each and every one of these tasks are extremely crucial, every detail could make or break your blog. All in all, blogging is a pretty good project and you need experts to handle it properly. They will help you to launch the perfect blog. That is, if you select the right experts!


The blog marketing service you employ needs to be able to provide you with references. This is a very important part. These references are documents you need to do a bit of research on. They will provide you with the previous clientele. Thus you can invest some time to find out about the kind of work they have done previously and search out if they really deliver what they promise to. You could perhaps even ring them up and ask if the company is worth it, especially if they a re charging you higher prices!

Good luck with getting the right blog marketing experts!

Using Blogs for Marketing – An Overview

Using Blogs for Marketing

 Although blogging is not exactly a “new” phenomenon, it is very rarely used to exploit the virtual market. Almost always a channel for personal opinions and experiences, each blog has a target audience, be it travel enthusiasts or comic buffs. However, if used properly to advertise or promote a product or service, blogs can also rope in a lot of customers. Using blogs for marketing is a strategy that is still quite innovative, but more and more companies are appointing bloggers to reach out to people.

 In Using Blogs for Marketing, Content is the Key

Obviously, while using blogs for marketing, companies tend to use a lot of shiny new posters and banners. But, the golden rule of any blog also applies here: the content matters most. If your content is not concrete, the customers just won’t find interest. After all, the key to good product placement is giving as much information to the potential customer.

The content can be anything related to the product or service; it could be a small write-up about the different versions. It can be a news article relating the launch or an interview.

 Techniques to Drive Traffic to the Website

There are a lot of methods of drawing in online customers. Although regular bloggers know that using the right keywords, naming the article appropriately or images to relevant pages help in directing the intended readers to the blog. But, for maintaining marketing blogs, it is better to opt for professional help.

Professional web designers provide blogging services along with developing full-fledged websites. The designers set up links throughout the blogs, without making it irrelevant, so that the blog under consideration pops up during related term searches through the links. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another good strategy to attract users; including important keywords throughout the blog articles.

 Updates Keep them Coming Back for More

When a product is launched, various modifications and improved versions make it to the market. Customers always seek out these tiny changes that might enhance the product just a little bit. So, the product’s blog may be effectively used to let the potential customers know about the changes.

Regular updating helps blogs garner trust and attention from the virtual readers. The users feel that they would instantly know about changes regarding the product, or may seek assistance from the help related articles. For this, adding subscription features is a good idea. Besides, adding new content regularly increases keyword density and your rank in search engines goes up.

 Originality in Using Blogs for Marketing

This is where a blog is different from a website; a blog is where you speak informally without using big, corporate words. In a blog, don’t be afraid to add a little humor because writing a successful blog partially depends on how you can relate to the reader, how personal you can be.

Using blogs for marketing is not as easy as maintaining travelogues or movie critique blogs. Unlike the other types of blogs, product based blogs offer very little personal information; hence, the articles often tend to become dry and wordy. So, despite all the information, bloggers should remember to keep it light and simple. Using Blogs for Marketing.

Three Blog Marketing Strategies

Blog Marketing Strategies

Blog Marketing is the new kid on the block of marketing and so the demand for blog marketing strategies is very much high indeed. Here, you have the top three blog marketing strategies which will catapult you and your blog to where every one of us strives to be – the very pinnacle of success.

Create Your Very Own Persona

Blogging itself evolved from personal expression and emotion. Business blogging is very much different. The first among the blog marketing strategies is to be able to differentiate your personal and business blogs. Your business blog will be more about customer empathy. Give that corporate ego a miss and sit down to relate to your consumer base. The content of your blog should be very much customer centric as opposed to being about you. This will make your blog stand out from the rest of the self promoting blogs and give you an edge over the competition. You can create buyer personas to make the experience more relevant for the readers.
These are profiles of customers built out of their various preferences like that of sharing, consumption and information discovery which exist to represent different groups of consumers which you might want to engage through your blog. This information will help to drive your keyword research and through that, your search engine optimizing quotient. Content plan and promotion are also benefited as a result. So, your first aim should be to delve into the personas of your audience to ascertain what they require. Surveys and social monitoring are great ways of collecting data, as are analytics and various other tools. Use these to form the personas which will translate into the social channels and key words you require.

Blog Marketing Strategies - The Selling Proposition

Your selling proposition should be something entirely unique. In the world of duplicate and recycled data, the world craves originality. Put on your thinking cap and come up with a selling proposition that is so unique that it will make the reader sit and think. But this is something everyone does, so why is this business strategy? Well, it is not. Your second blog marketing strategy is lucidity. Lucidity is a strong point in the blog industry.  When you are clear about your proposition and your product, be sure to project that very philosophy. The primary topic of interest should be crystal clear to the search engines and the readers. Be specific, Concise and provide social proof.

 Keywords: Final among the Blog Marketing Strategies

Keywords are very important to your blog. You need to know what words people use when searching for the commodities that you offer. Make sure to include these on your blog, in a way that they make sense. You do not want the blog to come across as a promotional site and you certainly do not want to come across as desperate. Remember, restraint is the key. Now that you have the top blog marketing strategies, go for it – get your own blog.

Tips for Creating a Blog Marketing Plan

Blog Marketing Plan

A blog is one of the best ways to express your thoughts and business philosophy.  A blog can be both personal and for business. But when you set up a blog, you want it to be successful. Especially for a business that is marketing blogs. Businesses do well to understand that to be successful in their businesses they need a blog marketing plan.

Purpose of Your Blog Marketing Plan

Your blog marketing plan should serve three major purposes –

Firstly, it should inspire you. You do not need a formal business education to be able to create your marketing plan – rather, if you have had business courses, forget them. Whip out your colors and crayons, turn on the music and note down lyrics. Do whatever it takes to inspire you. Remember inspiration is personal – what inspires another might just not work for you, so be original.

Secondly, it should have a vision. Your plan should have a vision of what you want form the future. The clearer the vision, the greater will be your chances of attaining it in the future.

Thirdly, always keep your plan in the form of drafts. Never cement a plan – you should be able to change your plan as you go and tweak it as to suit your immediate needs. Any plan that requires you to stick to it religiously deserves its place it the waste paper bin

Blog Marketing Plan - Goals to Include:

There are the goals you strive to achieve – include them in your plan. Some of the goals you need to keep in mind are

Traffic: your primary focus during the marketing will be that of traffic, so one of the goals on your plan need be an increasing flow of traffic. It is the most common goal and it can be achieved in a number of ways. You can choose to improve the content of your blog or enhance the engagement it provides. You can also optimize subscriber opportunities and organize competitions where you will be giving out prizes and free goodies – it always helps.

Brand Awareness: Another one of your goals should be to increase brand awareness. The social media might just end up helping you by sharing your contents if your give them a reason to share.

Relevant Traffic: Traffic is important and relevant traffic ore so. Look up the most read pages of your blog and you will know what the viewers want to read – build on that. Thus you will get the traffic you want to on the site.

Online Donations: To increase the donations coming your ways, you need to mix with the elite influencers of the virtual world. For that you need to work on the conversation strategy and also engage more with your current supporters. This is where social media steps in.

 The virtual world will provide you with a lot of things, only if you wish and work for them. Search out every resource that you can have and use it to the fullest. Make your blog marketing plan the best around!

Benefits of Using Blog Marketing Services

Blog Marketing Services

The new kid on the block of marketing strategies is blog marketing. In order to have a relatively successful blog, you need to market it right. Most of the businesses that have blogs hire blog marketing services to keep their blog up there on the search engine lists.

Benefits of Blog Marketing Services

Blog marketing services are an essential part of your marketing strategy if you have money to invest in the project and not work. However, some of them are quite expensive. Therefore, to help you decide if you should go with the experts or do the work yourself; here are some benefits that the experts bring along with them.

The Expertise Brought on Board by Blog Marketing Services

These companies are experts in their field. You may be the expert on the tiniest factors of your business, but these men know their job and the cyber world better than you. The cyber world is their workplace – they know every nook and cranny of it, they know which spiders to attract and which search engines to adhere to. They know exactly what will make your blog look professional and they will do all they can to get you to the top – that is their job. So once you hire them, you can leave the whole job to them.

Saves Time for Your Business

Once you try and tend to a blog on a regular basis, you will understand that it needs a lot of time. You need to post regular updates, attend to the questions of your audience, you need to conduct researches for the top key words and use them. You also need to keep track of your customers in the sense that you know how they share information so as to keep the content of your site such that it can easily be shared through those means. Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? It is a lot. That means that it takes up a lot of your time, leaving you with less time to conduct the core of your interest – your business! Your business deserves your attention more than your blog does. This is where the blog marketing services step in – you hand it over to them, make your wants clear and you have a blog up and running without having to do anything about it!

Blog Marketing Services increase Visibility for Your Blog

The internet is filled with blogs with blogs which are now defunct due to the lack of interest in them. There are also blogs with brilliant content wallowing at the end of the lists since they do not have a proper visibility. Employing blog marketing services will ensure you the right kind of visibility for your blog – they know exactly what to do from a professional marketing perspective – they may even recommend parts of stories which should be published to boost your blog statistics. It is important that you promote a knowledgeable front and that is exactly what these men are there for.

 So, when are you going to employ blog marketing services for your blog?

How to Market your Blog? Business Blog Marketing

Business Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is a very important marketing strategy these days and business blog marketing is being adopted by more and more businesses by the day. Now, once you create your blog, you should also know how it is that you can get in more traffic – it is the long term traffic that counts in a blog!

Business Blog Marketing Strategies

Here are some strategies that ought to rev up your blog in no time!

 The Content

The first and foremost thing about your blog is the content. In business blog marketing, amid the various aims and strategies of getting more traffic and having great sales, sometimes the basics tend to be left out. The primary thing about a blog is its content. Even if you get your blog to the top of famous search engine lists, you will not get return traffic if your content is not good. Make sure that your first focus is on the content of your blog.

 The System

Now that you have great content on the blog, you need to get in place a great system. This is the system which will provide you with the recurring visitors that you want. The big brands themselves don’t give this a miss; there is no reason you should. Remember, as bloggers, the most focus is to gain long term traffic.

When you have good content, it is your system that will ensure that you get good traffic. This system is built up on RSS subscribers. You cannot have traffic and hope that they will stay – you need to make them stay! Try and create a king of magnet which will lure them into the system which you later follow up. Almost like a spider’s web, isn’t it?

 The Design

First impressions count when you go for an interview and you know it. Therefore you make sure to have the perfect shirt on, that very tie you know they will like and have your boots polished to a mirror finish. So why forget the first impression your blog is going to leave on the viewers?

The design of your blog is a very important thing – it could just cost you cash if you take blogging seriously. You want to separate yourself from the blogging masses so don’t stick with one of the top 10 themes. Yes, that may sound easier than it is but if you don’t have the money for you own theme, you could always brush up on your CSS and get a photo editor to tweak your theme. You really do not want to end up looking like millions of others out there.

Publish Unique Content for Business Blog Marketing

Your content should be absolutely unique. Come up with different questions that you randomly ask yourself and then do some research on that. Make a nice write up and publish it! It might be anything from how many of the top 30 richest men blog to how many sparrows there are in the sky. That is, as long ass it goes with the theme of your site.

Rev up your blog and get going!  Business Blog Marketing.

Tips for Marketing your Blog

Marketing your Blog

The internet is flooded with blogs, so it is an uphill task to make your blog different enough to stand out from the rest. You should carry out the task of marketing your blog persistently and consistently, with a regular supply of fresh content, in order to entice your readers to keep coming back for more.There are many tested ways to make your presence felt online.

Ways for marketing your blog

Know your competitor while marketing your blog

Before starting your blog marketing campaign, you must closely keep watch over other blogs making the rounds and find out what they are writing about the industry. While doing this, you will also learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ as in, business blogging and how other business owners are using it. It will educate you on acceptable ethics and furnish you with clues about ways to substantiate your blog.

When you start a blog, ask yourself whether it meets the purpose and targets of your business. On contemplation, you will find you have diverse objectives, which may require multiple blog posts instead of just one. This will give your blog a professional look, improve visibility, visitors’ traffic and SEO compatibility.

The best tip for marketing your blog is to dish out fresh, exceptional content. Your blog must provide clarity about your products and services. It should provide solutions to users and facilitate easy navigation and accessibility. You must anticipate your users’ needs and expectations and give them what they are looking for.

Maintain a rhythm and be innovative and interactive through ‘links’

Post new content on your blog at least twice or thrice a week, in the beginning, increasing it gradually. This will ensure a regular supply of content for your readers, without any unexpected bursts or surprises of blog posts or prolonged silences from you. Frequent posting will satiate readers’ curiosity and provoke viral marketing. Word about your blog will travel from one reader to another, causing a ripple effect and consequently, increasing your search engine exposure and user traffic.

Creating press releases and posting it to your blog is also a fantastic way of marketing your blog. You can take the opportunity to market your innovative ideas and strategies to the readers and garner their interest in your products. Always answer feedbacks posted in your blogs by your users, to convince them of your credibility, especially when they are asking for guidance or suggestions.

Avoid being insular. Add ‘links’ in your blog, as it a very vital tool a blog is built on. A link will connect your blog to other blogs and websites and consequently grow more.  Make sure your link contains useful information that will encourage your user to come back for even more. A link will help make in-roads into other blogs when you give them your users, resulting in hyperlinks for you in return and creating new partnership.

Posting lighthearted and humorous articles, is a positive way of marketing your blog. Fun articles will motivate people and capture their interest and persuade them to continue an ongoing relationship with you. Marketing your Blog.

Small Business Blog Marketing –Why it Makes Sense

Small Business Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is the newest trend in town. But does small business blog marketing actually make any sense?

When big companies with a huge supply of resources go about with such marketing strategies, it is deemed fine. But does it actually help small businesses to have a blog? It sure does! 85% of companies think that their blog is “important” or “useful” for their business and 27% associate the word “critical” to their blogs. These statistics are not restricted to big businesses – they also include the small businesses like yours.

Small Business Blog Marketing Reasons

Here are some reasons which might inspire you set up your own blog.

Interacting with the Customers

One of the advantages of small business blog marketing is interaction. Sure you know your customers, but have you actually gone up and talked to them about your product or how it helps them? Now that would be something like, “Hey Ms M., how did you like my product? It helped you didn’t it? Want some more? Why don’t you tell your friends and improve my sales? Do you want some more cake?” – Awkward.  Your blog can be the platform where you interact with your customers, the base where they feel free to tell you if they really like your tissues or if the lotion doesn’t work for them. You can get to know exactly what they require and you don’t need any more of those surveys for that!


Everyone wants to cut off costs. But you cannot cut off costs at the expense of ruining your marketing strategies. Blogs step in here – you don’t have to pay for this marketing strategy! That is of course unless you hire someone to get your blog going for you. But that applies to huge businesses. Now, you could surely spend some time in the week writing. Not all of us are talented writers, but you don’t need to have the artistic lucidity of Archer to pull off a blog! It is about your brand, it is about you. Everyone can write about themselves!

A Single Marketing Strategy

Your blog can be your only marketing strategy. If you have a small business and a smaller budget, blogging is the way to go.  It can include everything which is present on a much more costly website and can offer you unseen advantages as well. It is very easy to update pages and modify them – you don’t need to be an expert to do this. Blogs are also very good with search engine results. Search engines like matter which has recency. A blog is something that you update regularly and so it makes itself to the top of search lists. It is also very easy to install blogs – you have to pay a subscription rice to have your blog up and running and you can also get free blogs.

Building Your Reputation

A blog can enable you to write articles on what you know best – this will establish you as an expert in your field. You can build up your brand name and promote yourself by showing off your knowledge!

So now that you have gone through the various advantages, start your small business blog marketing now!