Article Marketing Tips for Submission on Ezinearticles

Article Marketing

Article Marketing Tips for Submission on EzinearticlesWriting is a creative and challenging process, but if you’re enthusiastic about writing, your articles could find a home on some of the best websites available in the market. One of leading article marketing websites, “Ezinearticles”, receives articles from people all over the world. However, for your articles to be published here, they need to pass to certain standards:

Article Marketing – Standards to Follow

  • Originality: It’s essential to write original articles that are not paraphrased copies of someone’s else’s work. If you are attaching links to the articles, ensure that you give full credit to its author instead of passing it off as your own. One of the key factors for article marketing on Ezinearticles is originality.
  • Title adherence: Once you start writing, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of writing too much or adding information that’s irrelevant to the topic. Make sure to stick to the topic proposed in your title and opening paragraph.
  • Presentation: Presentation of articles is one of the most important details of article marketing. Ezinearticles expects its writers to use short, simple sentences and stick to their formatting preferences. Long sentences or paragraphs distract the reader, so it’s a good idea to divide your article into paragraphs with single spacing. If necessary, use bullet points or subheadings so the reader has an idea about what you’re addressing. Fonts, punctuation, and commas should be used appropriately.
  • Keyword usage: Use your keywords effectively and sparingly. Frequent keyword use can interrupt the flow of the article. Be careful not to place a keyword twice within the same paragraph. Remember, you want the reader to know more about the topic you are discussing at the end of the article.
  • Corrections: Before you submit your article, read through it to make sure you haven’t ignored any of Ezinearticles’ rules. The article will be rejected if you do not meet their submission standards. Articles are reviewed by a panel of judges who look for grammatical errors, originality, and formatting.

Start Article Marketing

If all of the above requirements are met, your work will be published on the site and you’ll have your first article marketing contribution!

Today, Ezinearticles is one of the most popular article directories. By publishing your articles on this site, you get a chance to become well-known within the industry, as every article shows your name and a short description about you. So, if you’re creative and believe you’re a great writer, start writing and submitting! Article Marketing.

The Importance of Writing and Marketing in Article Marketing

The Importance of Writing and Marketing in Article Marketing

Article Marketing

While writing and article marketing might seem to go hand in hand, they’re two very distinctive things and it’s important to know the difference. The entire process of writing and marketing an article is called article marketing. It’s crucial to know the best way to write your article for your intended audience, as well as how to generate traffic at your website without having to pay steep fees.

Article Marketing – Let the keywords do.

Using popular product keywords within your article is probably the most important aspect of article marketing. The right keywords will enhance your chances of increased traffic to your website. Many article writers have discovered that the wrong selection of keywords in an otherwise well-written and informative article has been disastrous.

Spend some time researching the most popular keywords for your product or industry and try to incorporate them into your article. It might also be a good idea to use keywords that are less used, as this will help reduce competition between your article and competing articles. Generally, you should avoid keywords that have less than 400 searches a month, and the Google keyword tool is an excellent device to help you figure this out.

Article Marketing will sell itself.

Once you have decided which keywords to use, you need to make sure you insert them into your article in a way that is natural. Your article must be grammatically correct, readable, and simple. Get straight to the point and avoid fancy phrases and wording. Consumers prefer article marketing that is easy to understand.

Proper article structure is necessary if you want to keep your reader’s attention. Your article should start with an engaging headline that immediately draws the attention of the reader. It is estimated that 90% of the time, someone chooses to read an article because of the headline. The introduction should follow the headline and should briefly inform the reader about the subject of the article.

The body of the article is the most important part of the article. The body contains all the information about the product or your company. To keep your audience’s attention, you might want to break up your information into bullet points or paragraphs with subheadings. Each paragraph should deal with one aspect of the topic and it’s important that you don’t switch from one topic to another within the same paragraph.

Article Marketing and article submissions.

Your articles will never get the traffic they deserve unless you submit the articles to as many article directories as you can. If you own or write for a blog, promote your article on the front page. This will let people know that you have something that might interest them. Do not get disappointed if the initial response is slow, as article marketing takes time to flourish.

Creating a Good Author Box For Article Marketing

Article Marketing

Creating a Good Author Box For Article MarketingAn author box is an aspect of article marketing that is often overlooked by article writers even though it is one of the best ways to promote themselves among their readers. In an author box, the article writers share their qualifications, biography, and sometimes even fun facts about their personality. It is an important way for your readers to get to know the person behind the article!

Article Marketing - What you MUST put in your author box:

  • Your Name or Alias: In article marketing, it is important to share your name or alias, as it not only helps readers have someone to refer to, but it also helps build your reputation across various websites and industries.
  • Website URL: Don’t forget to put in your website name and URL so readers know where to find your articles.
  • Elevator Pitch or USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Two to three unique sentences that will give readers an idea of what you are offering. Instead of simply listing your credentials and educational background, it is better to write more personal, marketable sentences. For example, “Are fiscal terms boggling your mind? Are you confused by all these comapnies? Look no further, financial expert YOUR NAME makes economics easy at” is bound to attract more users than “YOUR NAME, financial expert. PhD (Economics) from Yale University. Contact here:”
  • Call to Action: You’ve already gotten the reader’s attention with your pitch, so this is where you really try to entice them to buy your product. However, you must be subtle about this; instead of a direct “Click Here!”, you should personalize the message, offer an incentive, and write, “For more information visit here”.

What you CAN put in your author box:

  • Product Subscription Address: Sometimes users are interested in your product but want to do more research before buying. While your website will capture their attention, an email can get their confidence. In article marketing, regular updates about your product or service will help to keep them interested and up-to-date on new developments.
  • Contact Information: It’s important to share your contact number, your business website, and an email address. However, please note that once you share this information and it’s widely distributed, it will be difficult to permanently erase.
  • Free Report: This free bonus report can further strengthen your credibility, as well as the appeal of your product or service.
  • Email Auto Responder: Although this is not always the best strategy of article marketing because readers can add your email to their spam-list, a regular advertisement email auto response is the preferred method of many article writers.

What you MUST NEVER put in your author box when with Article Marketing:

  • A long list of URLs. Overstating your skills and abilities by presenting a long, never-ending list which isn’t related to the product can have a negative impact on your credibility. Don’t post more than one relevant URL.
  • Advertisements of a product not relevant to the website.
  • ll your achievements, testimonials, and qualifications. A user wants to know about the product; just the minimal information about the article writer is enough.
  • A crucial point of article marketing is to keep the size of the author box within 15% of the total article. The body of your article is where you provide information about the product. The author box is where you allow the users to input their orders, feedback, or comments through the email or contact information. Article Marketing.

What is Article Marketing and What Can it Do for Your Business?

Article Marketing

What is Article Marketing and What Can it Do for Your BusinessArticle marketing is an innovative method that advertises your product, website or the services you can provide. In this method of advertisement, you can write an article related to your business, add certain keywords to that article, and submit the article to certain websites that will syndicate it. This is a simple way of advertising yourself, since relying on traditional mouth-to-mouth advertisement may take a long time to boost the reputation of your business or company. Article marketing is one way to keep your company up-to-date with modern trends and to keep your products and services fresh in the customer’s mind. Some benefits of article marketing are listed below.


  1. Surge in website traffic: When you start using article marketing, you will experience a surge in website traffic. Online users, who may not always have access to pertinent information otherwise, appreciate well-written articles. By writing good articles, you can build a sizable audience. A large audience ensures more website traffic as your readers are likely to share links to your website.
  2. Search engine rankings improve: Any well-written article has a resource box at the end, which is a link at that leads back to your site. Any appreciated article gets posted thousands of times, which means the link to your site is also posted thousands of times. This improves your search engine rankings. A high search engine ranking ensures that your site will be among the top viewed sites. This is known as “search engine optimization” or SEO. It may take awhile, but well thought out article marketing will cause several people to view your site.
  3. Article marketing will help you pre-sell your products: Article marketing is basically a tool to help you market your products or services to your target group. Visitors to your site may be curious about your product or the services you provide, but may not know too much about it. This makes them hesitant to buy the product without knowing the benefits or the side-effects. Strategic article marketing helps allay their fears and solve their doubts. When readers trust your opinion and the information in your articles, they will be more likely to pre-order your products.
  4. Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry: Article marketing is a great way of establishing yourself as an expert in your field. An article that gets re-posted several times not only helps establish your image as a knowledgeable individual in your field, but also increases your site traffic. Other companies also pay you to advertise their content on your website or blog which further strengthens your reputation. If you become exceedingly good at article writing and marketing in this field, you may even improve your chances in the real world job market.

Thus, article marketing is the best way to entice your target demographic of consumers towards your website. At the same time, it is an exercise in handing out pertinent information about your products or services in a simple manner. Article Marketing.

Successful Article Marketing

Successful Article Marketing

Article Marketing

Most people either don’t like reading or don’t have time for it. If you want to participate in proper article marketing, you need to write articles that are interesting, informative, and have something your audience will be interested in. Your customers are only going to read your articles if they know they will gain something from them.


Article marketing strives to help readers with their problems, provide satisfactory answers to their questions, or provide them with information that they value. From a reader’s point of view, an article that does not do any of these things is worthless. Readers will never click on your website if you have nothing useful to say to them.

Once you’ve done the research needed to write the article you will have to decide on the length of the article. Article length is important. Most people find it tedious to read long articles. The length of the article depends on the target audience and the topic of the article. Marketing articles usually consist of 500 to 800 words because the audience reading them only wants information on the topic you’re presenting.

Article Marketing – Structure

Successful article marketing must also take into account the structure of the article. All well structured articles must have a headline, introduction, body, and conclusion. This structure is needed to gradually expose the readers to everything about the chosen topic.

The headline or title is the first part of the article that the reader sees. It should, therefore, be catchy or attractive enough to arouse the interest of the reader. The introduction is the next part the reader scans. The introduction should have an interesting opening, but it should also make sure to mention the point of the article. You want to arouse the curiosity of the reader, but you also want to let them know what they’ll be reading!

The body is the biggest portion of the article. To keep the reader’s interest, the body should be attractively structured. One of the first things the reader will notice is the length of the paragraphs. People don’t generally like long paragraphs, which means the body should be divided into small paragraphs consisting of no more than five sentences. Small paragraphs sustain the interest of the reader.

It will be even better if you are able to provide subheadings for your paragraphs. A reader may often be interested in certain information and would rather only read the paragraph dealing with that particular matter. Therefore, it makes sense to divide the body into smaller paragraphs. Please note that it is the body of the article that packs all the important and vital information. It should be written well and the language should be concise and transition smoothly.

The conclusion is really nothing more than paraphrasing and stressing the importance of what you have written.

In order to succeed with article marketing, just follow these directions when you write your articles and you’ll be all set! Article Marketing.

Five Effective Article Marketing Ideas

Five Effective Article Marketing Ideas

Article Marketing

The internet is an effective marketing medium and there are several ways to use it to your advantage. Article marketing is an emerging trend used by many businesses and individuals to attract customers to their website in order to increase the sales of their products and services. By writing keyword specific articles about their products, businesses increase web traffic and interest in their services. Below are some easy and effective article marketing ideas that are guaranteed to help you.


  • Topic: The topics you choose are an important element of article marketing. In order to increase web traffic to your site, choose article topics that are relevant to the products and services you offer. For instance, you might write about the latest developments in the field or the market conditions of the industry. People who are interested in your products will definitely want to know more about these issues. Relevant topics generate considerable interest in your articles and your products.
  • Content: Obviously, content is an important component of article marketing. The content should be fresh, original, accurate, and grammatically correct so that it engages and interests your readers. An effective article marketing tip is to keep the content short and precise. Use headlines throughout the article to break the information into different sections. This helps potential customers quickly find what they are looking for without having to read the entire article.
  • Keywords: Keyword optimization is a major factor of successful article marketing. You should identify appropriate product keywords and then use those keywords throughout your article. Use keywords that you think prospective customers searching for your product might use. Such keywords might end up being a technical term associated with the product or a more general word or phrase.A simple article marketing strategy is to use the keyword in the title. To do this, create two or three titles for every keyword. For instance, if you are a physician specializing in diabetes, you might choose diabetes as the keyword. You could write articles on “The Effect of Diabetes on Kidneys” or a more general version, such as, “Tips to Healthy Living With Diabetes”. Not only are the possibilities endless, but this technique also ensures that you have fresh content for each article.
  • Submissions: The key to effective article marketing is continuous and consistent submissions. You need to be prepared to work hard and produce quality articles every single day. The more articles you submit, the greater your chances of attracting potential customers. You may use submission software or choose to submit your articles manually.
  • Selection of Directories: The selection of appropriate online directories to submit your article is an important article marketing activity. You should try to choose directories that have a high page rank in search engine results. Most people don’t look beyond the first ten results, so by using a top ranking directory, you have the added advantage of your article being seen by as many people as possible. Article Marketing.

Article Marketing Tips – Five Important Elements of a Good Article

Article Marketing Tips

Article Marketing

In today’s world, the internet has become the ultimate communication tool for people from all walks of life. People use the internet for its convenience, expanse, and applicability. Many businesses are currently using the internet to post marketing articles about their products and services. This has caused article marketing to become a genuine profession in itself. In order to write a good article and pursue a successful article marketing career, follow these tips:


  1. Be relevant and interesting: Search the internet for popular topics and create interesting, informational, and relevant articles about this topic. However, even though article marketing is about promoting a product or service, your article should not look like an aggressive attempt at pure promotion. Rather, it should contain general information on the subject, useful tips, guidelines, and suggest solutions.
  2. Use keywords and catchy headlines: Because there are so many articles on the internet, your article runs the risk of getting lost. Use keywords to draw attention to the product or service that you are publicizing through article marketing. A catchy headline will attract a reader’s interest and search engines will pick up on your keywords. Both methods are important ways to attract customers to your article.
  3. Write well and be precise: Some writers tend to go off topic when writing their article, which is a big mistake, as readers become uninterested by a longer article that keeps repeating the same word. If the article is full of complex and uninteresting lines, they are likely to stop reading your article before reaching the end. To avoid this, make your article short and succinct, use simple, clear language, and break up your article into short paragraphs. Also remember to thoroughly check for grammar and spelling errors!
  4. Make your article casual and conversational: Article marketing is all about holding the reader’s attention. Your aim should be to successfully identify with your readers. Fill your articles with personal experiences and use casual and conversational language to set them at ease. Since you are aiming to create a good relationship with your readers, as well as trying to reach out to different age groups, this can be vital to the success of your article.
  5. Be informative: Do your research before writing on any topic. People are going to read your article and rely on the information you have provided. Throughout your article, be consistent with the quality of knowledge you are posting. However, avoid being too verbose or confusing. Since most articles are read by a wide variety of people who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of your product, it’s best to avoid technical information.

Article marketing is the latest trend in marketing strategy and is employed by almost every type of industry. Hence, it’s entirely possibility for this to become your new career path. By keeping the above guidelines in mind and practicing article writing regularly, you can taste the success of article marketing while earning good money. Article Marketing.

Article Marketing Strategies

Article Marketing Strategies

Article Marketing

Now that you know what article marketing is, you’re probably eager to start writing your articles and getting them out there for review. Before you start, it’s important to remember the strategies for article writing and to pick up some tips and tricks of the trade! When participating in article marketing, keep in mind the three H’s: Headline, Humble, Host.


1. The Headline is the Most Important Part of Article Marketing

When using article marketing, most article writers are so caught up in choosing the right keywords that they seem to forget that the first thing a reader is going to do is see the headline. If your article has a catchy headline, you are bound to get more traffic. Put yourself in the place of the reader – what kind of headlines attract you? Not the vague ones, right? So, make sure your headlines are catchy and informative so the consumer knows what to expect at the site.

2. Be Humble and Stop Selling Yourself

The ultimate goal of article marketing is to entice people to your website and convince them to buy your product. When you’re writing your articles, keep in mind the quality of the articles. If the articles are well-written and interesting, people will be more willing to read them than if you were only writing bland, repetitive promotional content. You don’t want your website to get overlooked because of this! Therefore, put the focus on creating good content for your site and forget about self promoting. The reader will assume that you are the one writing the articles and it’s better for them to state that you’re the best than have you say it for them!

3.The Host

One of the first decisions you have to make after getting involved with article marketing is what article directory you are going to use. There are so many article directories on the internet and you’re going to have to do some research into which one you think is the best. If you search online or ask someone who’s familiar with the statistics and traffic of these directories, you’ll have better luck than just blindly choosing one. Once you choose your primary directory, you’ll need to rewrite and submit your articles to your other directory choices. Since most of these sites check for duplicate content, you’re going to have to make sure the articles are about fifty percent unique. It does entail extra work, but this is going to help your article marketing strategy in the long run! Article Marketing.

Article Marketing Tips

Article Marketing Tips

Article Marketing

Article Marketingis a way of advertising or promoting your product, service, business, or blog. By using target keywords, you can write an article about your business or product that a website will then syndicate, gaining you a lot of traffic for your website. Here are some tips to optimize your article marketing:


  1. Make the title attractive: The title of your article should grab the attention of the reader immediately. If your article manages to do that, half your battle is won. The internet is flooded with articles on every possible subject, so it’s important to include your keywords in a way where they stand out and interest the reader.
  2. Make the content interesting: Article marketing is all about holding the interest of the reader. Learn how to write in short, crisp sentences and how to present information in a simple, yet valid manner. Make use of paragraphs, subheadings, and line breaks in order to outline or highlight the most important points of any paragraph. This makes the information easy to access and understand. This also engages the interest of the reader and makes sure that they frequent your website regularly. You can increase the traffic to your website one reader at a time.
  3. Keep your content original: This is the golden rule of article marketing. Always be as original as possible. If you choose to outsource your articles, make sure that the writer submits original articles. Sometimes people copy articles from the internet and pass them off as their own. These articles look and sound uninteresting and can give you and your company a bad reputation.
  4. Focus on the quality of the articles: Sometimes you may get too carried away advertising your products and forget to provide adequate information. Remember, if you do not provide enough information, people will not continue reading your article. Writers acquire a bigger following with well-written, informative articles.
  5. Explore the internet for better article marketing: There are a variety of advertisements on the internet and at the end of the day, the primary objective of any company is to have their products stand out. Looking at other article marketing websites will help you to keep track of the current developments and new methods of presentations. Never become complacent about the quality of your articles or your readership and always make sure your information is up-to-date and accurate.

Article marketing is a smart advertising tool that will help make you an expert in your field, as well as increase the traffic of your website.

What Article Marketing Can Do For Your Business

What Article Marketing Can Do For Your Business

Article Marketing

Advertising is a very important aspect of the business world that companies need to take into consideration.


Article marketing, where a firm or industry distributes articles about their respective field or product, is one of the preferred methods of advertising. If the articles are well-written and informative, they’ll increase the demand for the company’s product, as well as strengthen its reputation in the market.

Traditionally, article marketing was only found in print media, but with the accessibility of the internet, it’s easily available to both companies and consumers.


Now, article marketing is an art within itself and internet article marketing has become what print marketing used to be. When writing your articles, you have to be extremely clever with your phrasing, making sure to subtly convince the reader that they want to try the advertised services. Many companies choose to promote their services through online directories, niche blogs, and websites that are content focused. These sites are prime spots for article marketing and featuring your article on one of these sites not only directly introduces you to a specific segment of your market, but it also enables you to have direct contact with your consumers. Some of the major advantages your business could get out of article marketing are:

  1. Gaining More Traffic: By distributing your articles among the top directories, you enable a number of viewers to access your site and content easily. Article marketing makes sure to increase traffic for your website.
  2. Long Time Traffic: With an increase in backlinks to your site, you’ll rank higher on the search engines, allowing new users to see your site before others. Every one of us knows that we check out the first sites that come up on the list!
  3. Establishing Yourself as an Expert in Your Field: People are naturally suspicious of scams, so by providing valuable product information in your articles, you’re increasing your chances of customer loyalty and respect while also building your reputation as an expert in your field.
  4. Building Bonds with Consumers: It’s important to create a good relationship with consumers and having a website with a responsive staff and well-written and informative articles will help build those bonds. This also helps to increase your popularity in the market, giving you an advantage over other companies.
  5. Pre-selling Your Products and Services: There are many consumers who prefer to know all about a product before investing money in it. Article marketing helps to distribute product information to potential clients and pointing out the benefits of your products will help convince them to buy it. Article Marketing.