Will Adding Video Increase Traffic To My Website?

Video Increase Traffic To a Website

Video marketing is the next big thing in the world of social media marketing and internet marketing. A compelling or interesting or funny video is a far more powerful tool of communication than static text or graphics and its reach and exposure are phenomenal.

Increase Traffic – Adding Videos

Why does adding a video increase traffic to my website?

When you add an attention grabbing video to your website, not only does it fetch traffic to your website and increase the number of targeted visitors, it also increases your site’s SEO rankings. Web pages which feature a video have a 96 percent likelihood of appearing on the 1st page of Google’s search results. Interesting and engaging videos can also be shared with ease with your friends, family and online contacts.

On top of that, potential customers love to watch product demo or promotional videos online before making an online purchase of your product and service. That is why, reaching out to your target customers or audience and strengthening your online presence by adding a video to your site is catching on like a wildfire.

Increase Traffic – Videos to Add

What types of videos should I add?

There are multiple video sharing sites such as the Google owned YouTube, Google videos, yahoo videos, Veoh, Rewer, Metacafe, AOL Videos or Tubemogul.com. You should upload your video in all of these to gain maximum leverage.

Tag your video properly by using targeted keywords (both primary and secondary/related keywords) and add the primary keyword in the title. Doing these will increase your search engine rankings.

The content of the video must be arresting, engaging, compelling and interesting in order to grab the attention of viewers. Popular videos get shared very quickly and increase website traffic effectively within a short time. They also ensure repeat visitors, so your site will receive a regular supply of traffic.

By using camtasia it is possible to record a PowerPoint edition of your article/articles and turn your article into a video. Or you may create an interactive video where you can disseminate useful tips or helpful advice. You should then submit this video to slideshare.net. Increase Traffic .

Article Marketing with your Blog – What are the Benefits?

Article Marketing with your Blog

If you go online to look for low priced solutions to promote your blog, you will find the words ‘article marketing’ appear as an indispensible solution in enhancing your blog traffic. Article marketing is about writing unique and informative articles on any given subject you know and marketing them to article directories online. There are several benefits ofarticle marketing with your blog you must know, in order to market your blog profitably.

Article Marketing with your Blog Benefits

Article Marketing with your Blog Builds your credibility and expertise

A catchy article will give readers information and solutions to their problems and entice them to stay on in your site to explore more. Article marketing with your blog will reach out to a wider audience and inform them of your expertise in your blog topic. It is an excellent method of promoting your blog all over the world to millions of readers, thereby building up your credibility and availability. Top quality articles will make the readers trust your views and opinions, leading to enhanced traffic of visitors to your site.

Free advertisement and back-links build-up through Article marketing with your blog

Article marketing help build-up link popularity and search engine visibility. Special phrases and keywords are easily caught by major search engines, pushing your blog up to the top in their rankings. Good articles draw the audience like magnet and keep them captivated long enough to persuade them to click on your site links for more information. Writing articles consistently is a proven method of advertising, in order to bring your site into the limelight, thereby generating income and drive more traffic towards your site.

Create a strong customer base

Besides article marketing with your blog, write articles for other blogs and ask to be allowed to post back-links, to your own blog or site. This kind of link trade will enhance your blog exposure and create new customers to your blog. Article marketing gives you scope to attract potential customers and form a strong customer base. Submit your articles to several article directories to increase your back-links and get your articles syndicated on different websites.

Increase user traffic and search engine rankings

Submitting your blog articles to various article submission website, will instantly draw visitors in droves to your blog. Submitting your articles at Ezine will bring about viral marketing, triggering a heavy traffic of users. Your blog gets exposure revenue and more conversions, on account of which there is a reliable flow of income to your blog. Articles rich in keywords are easily picked up by top search engines and they continue to pick your article, in order to update indexing your site.

Search engines picks up sites that has many links pointing to your blog, from other blogs or directories. Your ranking improves when other blogs contain your links. Article marketing with your blog converts casual customers to actual customers.  It is an excellent SEO tool and strategy for marking your blog up amongst other blogs. Be a blogger and use different article marketing strategies to stay on the top. Article Marketing with your Blog.

How to Choose an Article Marketing Company?

Article Marketing Company

Choosing the right article marketing company can ensure the profitability of your online business. There are many such companies that are easily located via the internet or other business directories. As with any other industry, levels of service and proficiency may vary greatly between agencies. Identifying the best agency for your needs is essential to the success of your business venture.

The purpose of the article marketing company is to bridge the gap between your sales ambitions and the consumer’s aspirations. A good agency must have the ability to provide potent, efficient services that merge these diverse principles and create a fluid, consistent solution.

 A Simple Guide to Selecting an Article Marketing Company

  • Every article marketing company must have their own website with samples from their past campaigns.
  • It is essential to study their work to determine the overall quality and expertise of their writers.
  • Always check if the article agency has any experience dealing with products and services that are relevant to your industry. Knowledge is a by-product of experience, and the best agencies will have the ability to provide creative solutions that are suitable for your product.
  • If you are particularly impressed by the quality of service offered by a company with limited experience in your sector, you may still choose to hire them.
  • Run a test campaign with the agency, in order to ascertain their ability to deliver results, before committing to a long term project.
  • Evaluate the services of all companies objectively in order to determine the best choice for you.

Creating an Article Marketing Company Checklist

It is recommended that you create a simple checklist to ensure that all your requirements are met by the article agency. This can help you select an agency, as well as track your progress for the duration of the campaign.
What are my requirements from the article marketing company?

  • Do I require assistance in Content Marketing, Creation, Optimization, or all these aspects? Do I need Keyword Research services?
  • Are all these services included in my package, or will certain services cost me extra?
  • Does the company charge a flat rate or are there any performance related clauses included in the contract?
  • Am I picking a particular agency because they are offering me the best price, or are they really the best agency for the job?
  • Can the article company provide quantifiable proof regarding the effectiveness of their service?
  • What sort of access to their writers does the agency offer? Will I be allowed to offer personal instructions to the writers?
  • Who will be responsible for marketing decisions regarding submission and syndication? Will I be involved in the process or does the agency consider that to be a matter of internal policy?
  • Does the agency offer any guarantees regarding turnaround times and authenticity of the content provided?


When selecting an article marketing company, it is important to realize that you are hiring a service that will represent your company. They are responsible for your business communications on the internet, and play an important role in determining how consumers view your brand. Article Marketing Company.



What does an Article Marketing Company Do and How can it Help You?

Article Marketing Company

An article marketing company provides essential services that establish the basis for any profitable marketing campaign on the internet. Over the past few years, article marketing has become integral to the success of most successful internet businesses. It has proven itself to be an invaluable asset in achieving the business goals set by companies on the internet.

Access to a targeted web audience, improved search engine ranking, and eventually, better sales figures – these are some of the objectives that an article marketing company can help you achieve. Another important aspect is Content, and an article company can provide you with quick, easy access to valuable content that can enhance your relationship with the customer.

 Establishing A Customer Relationship Through An Article Marketing Company

Content remains a primary area of focus for most internet marketing campaigns. The internet offers businesses the unique opportunity to engage with consumers in an interactive medium. This open up the possibility of designing persuasive content that is focused on the consumer’s aspirations and needs.

The focus is not to force a marketing pitch on the consumer, but on creating an environment where the consumer seeks you out. A skilful article marketing company can achieve this by delivering your sales message to the customer, subtly and effectively.

 The Key Function of an Article Marketing Company: Delivering Your Sales Objective

The foundation for a successful sales campaign on the internet remains the same; maximize website traffic and improve search engine rankings. A favorable combination of these 2 factors is essential for a company to meet its sales objectives. The key function of the article marketing company is to deliver on these prime objectives.

 Maximizing Traffic

An article agency produces high quality, relevant content that is directly related to your product or service. All content produced seeks to strike the right balance between your sales pitch and the consumer’s concerns. Content that meets the consumer’s expectations will increase the popularity of the article. This increases the possibility of your article being shared on a greater number of websites. There will also be an increase in the number of links pointing back to your website from other blogs, social networking sites, and other article resource sites. All of which creates a steady flow of targeted traffic back to your company website.

 Improving Search Engine Rankings

Achieving a high visibility for your business website is a critical issue for achieving your sales objectives. The simple fact is that most consumers make a decision based on the first results available to them after a search query. In order to achieve an optimal position on the results page of search engines such as Google or Yahoo!, your website needs a significant amount of back links that point to it. An expert article marketing agency can help you make significant improvements in your search engine rankings, which has a direct correlation to your sales figures.

The key elements in an article marketing campaign include Quality Content, Keywords targeting, traffic generation, as well as effective distribution through channels such as article directories and syndication. The article marketing company can help you harness the power of these elements to release the true potential of your business. Article Marketing Company.

Is video for users visits your Website?

Online users visits your Website

In the internet-reliant world, it is not enough to merely have your business name on online business directories or Yellow pages, print a bunch of business cards or have a website, in order to build a sizeable client base. Your online business will spell success only by the novel method you employ to present your products and services to users visits your Website.

Heavy traffic of potential clients when users visits your Website

From the vast sea of advertising outlets, video marketing has taken the internet by storm and as online businesses face the tough challenge to raise and maintain the desired level of awareness of their company and products against their competitors, web video garners an incredible influx of visitor traffic and an enviable place in the major search engines.

It is a certainty that a website with quality content attract more visitors and leads. However, to enhance your website with a video, will encourage users to explore your website further and confirm a purchase. Video enables you to spectacularly advertise your products, highlight its advantages, provide tutorials and promotions, thereby persuading users to stay on the site longer and increasing the ‘sticky’ factor and revenues of your site.

Website users usually skim through a written text, especially if it is long drawn but an eye catching video holds a user spellbound and unwittingly pushes him to delve deeper into your company details, its past achievements, successes and product reviews.

users visits your Website Ease of navigation and enhanced visibility 

A website video easily steers the user, even a first timer, through the entire web page and check out your products, services and other details of your company. Video with links allows you to take your users to places on your web page that you want them to look and explore, thereby increasing your chances to up-sell and cross-sell.

Videos enable you to establish a rapport with your users because they are happy to see actual footages of people behind the company and your willingness to take accountability and responsibility. Video of product demonstration convinces users of its usefulness and makes it easy for them to assess and analyze their decision to purchase the product.

Videos with appropriate headers and captions play a key role in getting your users to stick around long enough to see what your company has to offer without making wrong decisions based on their interpretation of your video. Videos must be action oriented that will tempt users to start browsing through the site instantly.

Video improves Search Engine Optimization and shows up at the top ranking of all major search engines. Video description, title and links from top ranked sites, enhances user visibility. Top quality video demonstrates company professionalism, its values, brand awareness, product usability and is very effective in pushing up your ranks in video SEO.

You can post your video free on sites like YouTube and copy the embed link into HTML area in your website. Alternately, you can place a flash player in your site and use it to play your video. Users visits your Website.

Benefits of Hiring an Article Marketing Company

Article Marketing Company

Hiring an article marketing company can help your business utilize the true potential of internet marketing. Typical of most marketing campaigns, better brand visibility and access to quality, targeted audiences are critical for achieving better sales. Profitability is a significant concern, and a well designed article marketing campaign can generate maximum returns on your investment.

 The optimal use of content based services can help your company develop brand loyalty and generate sales leads on the internet. An article marketing company provides key services towards the successful leveraging of your product or brand on the internet.

 Hiring an Article Marketing Company: The Advantages

• Affordable Services – An article marketing company provides professional services at a fair price. Outsourcing such tasks is beneficial to your company in terms of saving time and resources.

• Quality Content – You are assured of a quality product that meets your specifications and approvals. Content provided is usually original, and has to pass through several quality checks before it is approved. You get access to professional writers at affordable rates.

 • Targeted Content – Article companies can allow you to gain access to targeted internet traffic. Quality content that has been tailored to suit a particular target group can offer your company better sales prospects.

 • No Copyright Infringements – You do not have to worry about copyright issues, because all articles are checked for plagiarism via Copyscpape or iThenticate.

• Quick Service – Article companies have the ability to deliver quality content quickly. Since they usually have access to a team of professional writers, work can be executed quickly to meet your deadlines.

• Flexible Service Packages – As a customer you have the ability to choose from a wide range of plans and services. Creating a customized strategy suited to your requirements is also possible.

 • Advanced Technical Services – An article marketing service may also provide advanced SEO related services, which makes the process more streamlined for you.

 Reaping the Rewards: What Will My Company Gain From an Article Marketing Company?

 Higher Web Traffic: Typically, an article marketing company submits content to popular article directories and internet publishers that have millions of visitors. Engaging content can enable you to take advantage of this and drive more potential customers to your company’s website.

 Better Brand Positioning: By submitting interesting and helpful content in your company name, the article company can create a more positive impression of your brand. Content that addresses the concern and frustrations of your target market will help develop a favorable and trustworthy brand image for your company.

 Improve Search Engine Rankings: Most article websites allow you to place a link back to your company website at the end of an article. Popular articles tend to spread quickly, and may soon be available on thousands of such websites, creating an equal number of links back to your website. These links are important in increasing your search engine ranking.

 A well executed marketing strategy can help your company achieve its sales and branding objective on the internet. Hiring an article marketing company will add profitability to your online business activities. Article Marketing Company.

Aspects of a Reliable Article Marketing Company

Article Marketing Company

The convergence of tagged website content and Search Engine rankings has increased the importance of the article marketing company. For a website or business model to succeed on the internet, they have to meet certain standards. Compelling, original content must be supplemented with high website visibility. The ability to combine the twin goals of a company’s internet ventures has made article marketing a vital online marketing option.

 There has been a rapid growth in the number of such companies in the past few years, and locating them on the internet is easy. Faced with such an array of choices, it is essential to select an article marketing company that can deliver you results, reliably and efficiently. If you are in the process of hiring such a service for your business, it is necessary to keep certain factors in mind.

 Essential Features of an Article Marketing Company

 In order to ensure reliability, your article marketing company must be able to offer you certain guarantees related to their level of service.

They must demonstrate a proper understanding of your products and services. Content that is relevant to your industry and product is essential.
Should be able to understand the key characteristics of your target market, and provide content that is relevant. Must have the ability to deliver quality, engaging content that is unique and authentic.
Such content must be ideally geared towards eliciting a favorable response from prospective consumers. The best content can deliver tangible results that aid your marketing campaign.
The content provided must be consistent with your company’s values and brand positioning.
Must be able to provide samples of past work and proof of results. Hiring an article company with experience in your particular sector may be a more beneficial option.
The article company must be able to offer you a comprehensive marketing package. Such packages should include submission to popular article directories, back links to your company website, and content syndication options. Syndication offers readers a one-click process of sharing your content on other popular social networking sites, and increases the visibility of your company.
Provision of a detailed report outlining all activities undertaken and results obtained at the end of the marketing campaign.

A reliable Article company must ensure that all content is delivered to you within a predetermined deadline and approved budget. All content provided must be 100% original and optimized for search engines. Ultimately, the article marketing company must be able to deliver two critical elements – improved search engine rankings and greater website traffic.

  Questions To Ask Your Article Marketing Company

 How long will the entire process take?
 When can I expect to see results?
 If I am unhappy with the quality of an article, will it be rewritten?
•  Is it possible for me to select a writer?
 Will I be able to outline my objectives?
 Do you provide keyword research services?

 A reliable article marketing company should be able to provide you with solutions that can help through the entire process. They must be able to provide adequate technical and consultancy services that covers all stages of a marketing campaign. Article Marketing Company.


Some Facts about Internet traffic and the Use of Video

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic is a burgeoning phenomenon that is spreading each second among billions of people in every nation, faster than a forest fire. This traffic is generated through the various components of the internet namely videos (YouTube), social media (Facebook), mobile internet traffic, p2p and broadband usage, etc. Let’s have a look at some of the unimaginable and unbelievable facts on internet traffic that will reveal the true potential of this industry and establish its credentials as the most powerful setup of the 21st century.

Internet Traffic Facts

Facts on Video Usage

YouTube holds the highest market share in the video usage segment; hence, by analysing facts about it, we can draw almost accurate conclusions about the segment as a whole. YouTube is spread over 22 countries, containing material in over 43 different languages. It exceeds 3 billion views a day, which almost doubles the primetime viewership of all the major broadcast networks in the U.S. combined.

Over 35 hours of video is uploaded every minute, with users spending 2.9 billion hours on YouTube every month that equates to 326,294 years. More videos are uploaded on to YouTube in just 60 days than all the 3 major networks in the U.S. created in 60 years. The number of videos uploaded in 2010 alone is equivalent to over 150,000 full length movies in theatres every week. These facts are enough to prove that video usage is constantly on the rise, and the potential for market reach is beyond enormous.

Internet Traffic and the Social Media 

Apart from YouTube, another segment that has literally taken the internet traffic market by storm is social media. This includes networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut, Friendster etc. In fact, social media has replaced porn as the number one activity on the web. One of the biggest contributors in this field is Facebook, so we will analyse its progress to judge the effects social media has as a whole. Facebook has over 750 million active users, making it larger, population-wise, than most countries in the world.

People surf Facebook for over 700 billion minutes every month, interacting with over 900 million objects such as pages, groups, community pages, and events. Over 30 billion pieces of content such as blog posts, web links, news stories and photo albums are shared every month. It is estimated that in the future, we will not go looking for products or services, but in fact, they will come find us!

Facts on Mobile Traffic

Usage of internet on mobile phones is another phenomenon that has progressed leaps and bounds, especially with the introduction of smart phones. Mobile usage has huge potential for developing the video and social media segment in particular. The amount of people accessing the internet on their phones has been constantly rising and is expected to overtake the computer as the most accepted way to access the Web in 5 years.

Thus, we can see that the Internet is a huge moss ball that has been becoming bigger and better every minute. Using it correctly can have multiple benefits for every individual in any stream of life. Internet Traffic.

Potential Pitfalls of Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an instrumental mechanism that aids in promoting your goods or services in the form of an effective, attractive and precise video.  Full motion videos can be used to animate texts which would have been otherwise stagnant and uninspiring. Screen capture videos are practical when it comes to demonstrating perks and uses of new software and various other Internet applications. It helps in expanding your company base worldwide since the internet does not have any geographical restrictions. Although video marketing is highly effective in sending your message across, it comes with some marked drawbacks.

Video Marketing Faults

Lack of Quality of Content

The content must revolve around the main points. You must adhere to a specific outline. You must not clutter it with unnecessary information. You can also use descriptive text to save narration time. You must conceptualize the video and make it interesting for the viewer. A spam approach is likely to drive away the target audience. The content must engage the viewer rather than irking the viewer. If you are advertising a product, you should demonstrate its features and functions in a visually appealing manner.

Low Quality of the Video

The quality of the video must be high. The overall resolution, lighting conditions should be optimum. There should not be any disturbance or noise in the audio. It must not be distorted. A low quality video will only repel your clientele. The video should be well scripted and well edited. You must opt for the appropriate format, video platform and player. You must hire trusted professionals to work on the video.

Time Constraint

One critical hitch is the time constraint. Your videos should not exceed a time limit of 5-10 minutes. The viewer may lose interest and may discontinue watching the video. Your video must be clear and concise and convey your message within a limited time frame. Excessively long videos will hamper your marketing strategies.

Video Marketing is a Stiff Competition

You will find that the internet is congested with umpteen videos. The competition would be cutthroat. You need to find a way to make your video unique. It should stand out in an array of videos. You should try and use keywords to gain recognition and attain high search engine rankings. SEO must be incorporated. You must also publicize your video. Merely making them will not suffice.

The watermark for your website must be included in the video instead of including it in the description. This will allow the viewer to recall your website’s domain name for future reference. You must also acknowledge constructive criticism and amend your approach. You should avoid issues like invasion of privacy and copyright infringement. Your content must be free of explicit matter. Video Marketing.

Leveraging the Search Engines to Promote your Videos

Promote your Videos

Today people are uploading videos on the internet to expand their online business and enhance the viewing experience of potential buyers. Videos are powerful tools to promote your business as the visual impact is more influencing than texts and graphics. Maybe you too have uploaded a video in your website to promote your venture. However, if you want business to really explode, follow some simple tips to tweak the search engines so that your video is always positioned at the beginning of search results. Video search engines “crawl” or browse the internet methodically to look for video contents.

Points to Remember – Promote your Videos

Promote your Videos with the Title of Your Video

The title of your video is of vital importance as most search engines consider the title when matching with specific queries. Your title should have your main keyword for maximum optimization of search engines. Enter the title in the title box before you start uploading your video. Make the title of your video detailed and factual so that it gives an idea about the contents therein. Video search engines analyze textual information while crawling but are not adept at indexing images or information contained inside the video. Therefore include a brief summary of your video in your description box along with link to your website. Enter the title once again after the link and at the end of the description.

Using Keywords and Tagging your video

Use tags or keywords to describe your video. These are words or phrases are entered directly into the search box of search engines direct more traffic to your video. If your video is on a product or a particular model, then use the name of the product or the model as your keyword or keyword phrase. If you are offering any service through your company, then the name of that particular service can also be used as a keyword for search engine optimization. For example, if your venture deals in marketing and you have uploaded your video in YouTube, then your keyword can be “YouTube marketing”. This puts your video at the beginning of search pages and more visible to somebody looking for companies providing marketing solutions and ideas. You can also take the help of Google Keyword Tool for keyword ideas.

Add more words to your keyword to make it convenient for people to understand what the video is about. If your company is dealing with marketing of insurance policies, then use “YouTube marketing insurance policies” as keyword phrase. Influence the search engines by adding prompt words like “how,” “where to,” “why” as people are forever looking for information and solutions on the net. You can also use exact words as tags (“marketing” or “insurance policies” for the above example) to label your videos and influence search engines. While keywords are more descriptive, tags are often hidden monosyllabic HTML codes which the search engine browser uses to read the contents of the video or the webpage. Don’t lengthen the tag unnecessarily by adding words like “and” or “to”.

Promote your videos further in search engines by building automated backlinks to it through online tools like SYNND and TRIBE PRO. In your feed, include only that thumbnail of the video which you want the search engine to display. Upload both your web page and the video together to improve your ranking in search pages.

Watch three reasons why your Website needs video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y6MX94xgb4. Promote your Videos.