Website SEO Movies – Benefits

Website SEO movies

Visual media is always more powerful than mere words. The same information when conveyed through a visual medium creates a more powerful and memorable impression on the mind than mundane text matter.

Just like pictures help you to relate to a particular text, similarly, videos improve the recall value of your business website. Website SEO movies are an influential tool to attract more visitors to your website and persuade them into becoming your customers.

Advantages of Website SEO movies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about using techniques and tricks to position your website within the first few pages of search engines to ensure maximum visibility. SEO also aims to draw more visitors to your website thereby increasing your customer base. Website SEO movies serve both of these purposes perfectly.

A dynamic website is always more attractive than uni-dimensional static pages that viewers just click through. Regardless of your area of business, website SEO movies help you create an interactive and interesting website that keeps attracting viewers.

Website SEO movies Increase your Website’s Popularity

Many visitors to your website are looking for helpful, authentic information about your products and company. Instead of just writing pages on what you are, include promotional website SEO movies that explain your company’s profile, vision, policy, ethics and products all in a fascinating way.

A virtual tour of your factory is always more appealing and helps viewers to remember your website for future reference. All these increase the popularity of your website both among new and existing customers, which ultimately benefits your SEO policy.

Multiple Videos Generate Effective Backlinks

Search engines love to include website SEO movies on their pages. By using target-specific keywords while tagging and naming your videos, you help search engines to locate your website and provide it a higher ranking in result pages. Multiple videos on different focus areas and using different but related search terms increase the number of backlinks to your website.

For example, your website has multiple sections and you can use informational videos on some pages, promotional videos on some while one page can have a virtual tour of your facilities. All these website SEO movies increase the visibility of your website on the net and help you in SEO.

Videos are Preferred by Search Engines

If done correctly, website SEO movies embedded on your website have enough power to appear in the front pages of search engines. Search engines are programmed to display blended results, including images and website SEO movies, and hence give more preference to contents that include videos rather than just content or static images.

Video SEO (VSEO) is projected to reach explosive heights in the near future; yet there is a dearth of quality website SEO movies to satisfy surfers’ queries. Therefore, the preference of search engines for video content coupled with their scarcity make video inclusion on your website extremely beneficial for SEO purposes. Website SEO movies.

Movie for Web Pages – Benefits

Movie for Web Pages

Video is a very effective form of communication that allows for self expression in ways that text and photographs just can’t. It’s the next best thing to conversing with somebody directly. From a business perspective, a movie for web pages can be used to market your products and services in very innovative ways.

Why Movie for Web Pages?

From being just add-ons to company websites, videos have now become an absolute necessity for all e-businesses concerned with expanding their business. Placing a video on your website is a smart move, and here’s why.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines now include videos in search results as well. With proper SEO, a movie for web pages can play a large hand in increasing traffic to your website. A study conducted by Forrester states that posting a SEO video on your web page can increase your web page’s chances of reaching the first page of search results by almost 50%.

Videos provide a visual experience

Most web surfers would prefer to watch a movie for web pages to reading text from the same web page. A movie for web pages helps to give more information to the visitor. That same visitor would skim through large blocks of text. If he has more information about your services, he is more likely to make a purchase.

Improve the surfing experience

You need to keep a potential customer on your website for as long as possible so that he/she may learn as much about your services/products as possible. A purely text and photograph based website is boring and will fail miserably in the above stated purpose.

A movie for web pages on the other hand increases the surfing experience by a large extent, making the website more interesting. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the video.

Unlike pesky advertisement banners and pop-ups, a movie for web pages is available strictly on demand. You are not forcing a visitor to watch the videos. Only an interested customer will watch your videos. This plays a part in increasing the surfing experience on your website.

Movie for Web Pages-It’s emotional

A video detailing how your products or services function along with customer testimonials will go a long way in converting a potential customer into a customer. It increases the trust factor of your brand.


A movie for web pages is highly versatile. It can be re-purposed elsewhere when its job in the online sector is done. It can be distributed as a DVD as a part of an offline sales pitch.


Nothing speaks better than simple statistics. According to a survey conducted by Forbes in October 2010, nearly 60% of participants preferred watching a video to reading text on the same website. 75% said they watched a work-related video at least once a week. 29% confirmed watching online business videos several times a week and 26% watched them daily.

This survey has proven that a movie for web pages plays a large part in driving a person to action. 45% of participants have called a vendor asking for more information and 51% have become customers. Movie for Web Pages.

How to Get a Cheap HD Website Movies

Cheap HD Website Movies

A website should ideally be clutter free, deliver clear and concise thoughts, and at the same time, convey a definitive message to its intended recipient about the practicality and informational importance of its contents.

There is a reason why television slowly became the preferred choice for advertising over radios, theater and bioscopes. In today’s world, visual media is the best form of communication known to man. Want your website to leave the million others behind and go viral? Find a few good cheap HD website movies and use them to your advantage. Better still, make one.

Do I need a cheap HD website movies?

Adding a video/movie to your website will make things look much brighter for your website’s future. Conveying a message through a video or a self-made movie in HD has a number of advantages:

* Everyone is busy. What a text can express in many pages, a video can express in a couple of minutes.

* Videos are easier to understand for an audience. They tend to be much simpler to understand and are not restricted to intelligence or age limitations.

* Videos are more interactive than text. The way a message is told often influences its outcome. The variety that a video can actually bring into the conveyance of information is phenomenal.

* HD is among the latest craze in the world of visual media. With visuals so clear, you will never miss a detail.

Where to get Cheap HD Website Movies

Cheap website HD movies are a wonderful way to give your web presence the new outlook it deserves to outshine all of your competitors. There are plenty of good web sources for a decent cheap website HD movie that you can add to your website. Here are a few

- YouTube
- DailyMotion
- VeVo
- Hulu

How do I add my own video?

Perhaps the most popular among the cheap HD movie websites is YouTube, the Google owned video database. YouTube is already host to millions of free videos that you can use at your disposal; most are free for commercial usage while some need permission from the owner.

To make things simpler, you can upload your own videos, relevant to your work, and add them to your web page. For this purpose, you need to maintain your own video channel. YouTube requires a Google account. If you don’t have one, create one. Log on to YouTube with your Google account credentials.

Click on the link showing your username to gain access to your channel. The link on the address bar is the link to your channel. Share this with your friends to spread the word about your channel and attract more viewers. Use the links to your videos that you uploaded and embed them on your website. Cheap HD Website Movies.

Offer from WebIndustry – Free YouTube Channel with Every Movie

Free YouTube Channel

Web Industry Solutions is a web marketing and website design company based in the North and South Carolinas that specializes in article marketing, video marketing and video creation, web hosting, website maintenance, web design and SEO.

They are also knowledgeable in SEO audits, Google analytics reports, social media marketing, keyword research and marketing, website optimization and on page optimization. Right now, Web Industry Solutions is offering a limited time special offer for its clients – a Free YouTube channel with every movie or web video they make for clients. Following are the details of this offer.

Free YouTube Channel with Every Movie – Offer Details

This is a limited time client special offer from Web Industry Solutions. Web Industry is offering its new customers a one minute long web video at a special rate of only $299 and is also offering a free YouTube channel with every movie. The duration of the web video will be 60 seconds and will have a professional look and feel to it.

They will also set up your YouTube channel for free and put the movie on your website completely for free as well. You will get free animations, free images and free music in this package. The offer also includes two free editing sessions so that their clients get exactly what they are looking for.

Once the web video is handed over to you, it becomes your property, in every possible way, and you can use that video in any manner you wish. Clients are no longer answerable to Web Industry Solutions and do not need to pay any royalties to Web Industry.

The 60 second movie package costs $299, the 90 second movie package costs $350, and the 120 second movie package costs $399. Hurry because this offer is ending soon!

 Free YouTube Channel -Benefits of this Service

With this free offer, you also get the guarantee of free video submission, free SEO facilities, a high quality, engaging and compelling video that customers will love to watch and a low price that you can afford.

You will own the user and distribution rights for any video you purchase from Web Industry and can also expect very fast turnaround times. They will also market your video to the targeted viewers and use industry specific keywords in your video. You can also order HD quality video as well as male and female voice-overs. Free YouTube channel.

Where to Get a YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Getting a channel of your own on YouTube is the best way to get your creativity out as well as let the world know about what kind of activities you are engaging in. Once you know where to get a YouTube Channel, you’ll be able to customize the channel as well as upload videos and add subscriptions and many other features. Let’s see where to get a YouTube Channel that you can personalize as your very own.

What is a YouTube Channel?

Just like an e-mail account, which is your private account on an email network, a YouTube channel is like your very own account or homepage on YouTube. So if you are looking for an answer to where to get a YouTube Channel, you need to go the YouTube site. Here, you need to enter some information about yourself and create your YouTube account, or in other words, a YouTube channel.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

For creating your own YouTube channel, you need to have a Google account. If you don’t have one, you can go to Google’s site and set up your Google account. Once you set up your Google account, use the login information on the YouTube site and a few other information tabs like age, birthday and security information and you are directed to your YouTube Channel.

What to do on a YouTube Channel

Now after finding where to get a YouTube Channel, there are many other features that you can customize on your YouTube channel. Besides uploading videos, you can also watch several videos.

Your channel will contain the links to all your favorite videos as well as your subscriptions. There are also other social networking features that you can access on your YouTube channel. You can also customize your homepage, changing the background and adding themes.

Types of YouTube Channel

There are several types of YouTube channels to choose from. Now, where to get a YouTube Channel of your preferred type occurs when you get on the YouTube site and start with creating a new account. This is when you can select what kind of channel you want your YouTube channel to be.

If you don’t specify the channel type, you get the default channel that is called the YouTuber; this is the usual choice. With other channel types, you can enter additional information as well as access special features. You can choose from various channel types like musician, reporter and many more. YouTube Channel.