Movie for Web Pages – Benefits

Movie for Web Pages

Video is a very effective form of communication that allows for self expression in ways that text and photographs just can’t. It’s the next best thing to conversing with somebody directly. From a business perspective, a movie for web pages can be used to market your products and services in very innovative ways.

Why Movie for Web Pages?

From being just add-ons to company websites, videos have now become an absolute necessity for all e-businesses concerned with expanding their business. Placing a video on your website is a smart move, and here’s why.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines now include videos in search results as well. With proper SEO, a movie for web pages can play a large hand in increasing traffic to your website. A study conducted by Forrester states that posting a SEO video on your web page can increase your web page’s chances of reaching the first page of search results by almost 50%.

Videos provide a visual experience

Most web surfers would prefer to watch a movie for web pages to reading text from the same web page. A movie for web pages helps to give more information to the visitor. That same visitor would skim through large blocks of text. If he has more information about your services, he is more likely to make a purchase.

Improve the surfing experience

You need to keep a potential customer on your website for as long as possible so that he/she may learn as much about your services/products as possible. A purely text and photograph based website is boring and will fail miserably in the above stated purpose.

A movie for web pages on the other hand increases the surfing experience by a large extent, making the website more interesting. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the video.

Unlike pesky advertisement banners and pop-ups, a movie for web pages is available strictly on demand. You are not forcing a visitor to watch the videos. Only an interested customer will watch your videos. This plays a part in increasing the surfing experience on your website.

Movie for Web Pages-It’s emotional

A video detailing how your products or services function along with customer testimonials will go a long way in converting a potential customer into a customer. It increases the trust factor of your brand.


A movie for web pages is highly versatile. It can be re-purposed elsewhere when its job in the online sector is done. It can be distributed as a DVD as a part of an offline sales pitch.


Nothing speaks better than simple statistics. According to a survey conducted by Forbes in October 2010, nearly 60% of participants preferred watching a video to reading text on the same website. 75% said they watched a work-related video at least once a week. 29% confirmed watching online business videos several times a week and 26% watched them daily.

This survey has proven that a movie for web pages plays a large part in driving a person to action. 45% of participants have called a vendor asking for more information and 51% have become customers. Movie for Web Pages.