Facebook App for Smartphones

Facebook app for Smartphones

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Facebook is unarguably one of the best social networking websites and using Facebook app for smartphones have become common. If you have a Facebook account, then you’d want to access it from your smartphone as you please. In fact, there’s a Facebook app available for smartphones that you can download and install. You can access this app at your convenience and instantly connect with those who have a Facebook account. Here are a few tips on using the Facebook app for smartphone.

Facebook App for Smartphones Tips

Upload Photos and Videos

You don’t have to depend on a laptop or PC to upload photos or videos. With the Facebook app for smartphones, you can upload photos directly from your phone. Access the Facebook app and create an album or post photos on your wall. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll have the photos of your choosing uploaded.

Post, Comment, and Poke

With the Facebook app for smartphone, you can do just about everything that you’d normally do on Facebook via a computer. You can respond to comments, post on your friend’s wall, and “poke” people. Additionally, you can check your notifications and see individual posts. You can view photos, “like” them, and even download them to your smartphone!

Add the Facebook App to Your Home Screen

If you access Facebook quite often, then you can have the icon right on your home screen. You can access the app with just one click on the icon. Click on your home screen and go to “settings.” Here, you have the option of adding or removing an icon. Select the Facebook app icon and add it to your home screen. That way, you can access it more easily.

Managing Your Alerts and Notifications

You can select and customize how you want to receive notifications from Facebook. Access the Facebook app and select “settings.” The settings section allows you to choose and assign alert sounds. You can also control what kind of notifications you want alerts for. If you don’t want alert sounds, then you can simply turn the alert sounds off whenever you wish to.

Facebook app for Smartphones-Sync Your Facebook Contacts

The Facebook app for smartphone allows you to sync your Facebook contacts to your phone’s contacts. You can transfer contact info, photos, and other data directly onto your phone. To enable this option, you go to the “friends” option on your Facebook app and click on the “Sync Contacts” option. Facebook app for smartphones.

Create A Smartphone App

Create A Smartphone App

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Smartphone apps have taken the business world by storm, and more and more people are starting to learn how to create a smartphone app. When you create a smartphone app, you’re actually granting yourself the opportunity to potentially grow your business. Moreover, you can utilize it for branding and marketing purposes. As apps continue to be a big hit for smartphone users, your business can reach out to an infinite number of people. You can take your business to new heights, just with the use of a smartphone app. Here are a few pointers to help you go about doing so:

Create A Smartphone App Tips

Decide on a Strategy

Before you commence working on your app, make sure that you know exactly what your app is going to do. Hire a professional developer to create the smartphone app. Decide on how you want your app to look, what kind of design it will follow, and what colors will be used. You could also integrate your app with a blog or your own YouTube channel .

Create A Smartphone App That Meets the Purpose

Developing a random app won’t help your business. You need to create an app that stands out and meets the purpose it’s designed for. Develop an app that will pique the curiosity of your audience. As a result, people will want to instantly download the app as soon as it’s out on the market. Having your app offer visual content and a sufficient amount of features will surely draw in an audience.

Place Your App in the Apps Market

Don’t create a platform-specific app that will only work on a select range of smartphones. Create an app that will work on all major smartphone platforms. Once your app fulfills this goal, it’s then ready to be downloaded. Place your app in the app market to start reeling in users for it.

Have a Promotional Strategy For Your App

With your app in the app market, your work is only half-done. You can promote your apps by way of QR codes which could be strategically placed in magazines, brochures, and websites. Readers and web surfers can learn about your app and access it from the app store subsequently.

Keep Track of Your App

After you create a smartphone app, you need to keep track of it in a sense where you must update your app with new features on a regular basis. This is to keep your customers satisfied. If there are any errors or bugs in your app, then release a new version of it. Make sure that it’s free of errors and bugs beforehand! Create A Smartphone App.

Free Smartphone Apps

Free Smartphone Apps

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If you’ve recently purchased a smartphone, then you’d probably like to know how you could find free smartphone apps. Some apps enforce a price, while others are free. If you’re new to the app world, then you most likely wouldn’t know how to explore the incredible range within the app market. Below is a guide that will help you find free smartphone apps.

free smartphone apps guidelines

Finding a Free Smartphone Apps

Most developers offer a free basic version of their paid apps which you can use. There are several different kinds of free smartphone apps available. To discover free apps, access the app market from your smartphone. Be certain that you’re searching for apps which are compatible with the platform of your mobile device. Once you enter the app market, go to the free apps tab and browse through the collection.

Types of Apps

There are millions of apps available for every smartphone platform, from gaming to personal finance. Choosing from a staggering collection of apps can be tedious at times. Browse for free apps by category. You’d be able to view the top apps in that category. Furthermore, you’d also be making your life easier by narrowing your app search results. The most popular categories are gaming apps, information apps, entertainment apps, business apps, productivity apps, social networking apps, and many others. Once you select a category, you can browse for apps under that category and choose the app you wish to install.

Installing Free Apps on Your Smart Phone

After browsing through apps in the apps store, you can click on the “install tab” to download it onto your phone. Accept the license agreement and your download will start in a few seconds. While this app is downloading, you can search for other apps simultaneously. Once the app is completely downloaded and installed, you can run it and see how the app functions.

Updates for free smartphone apps are available regularly. Even after downloading a free app, you can upgrade it as soon as a new version of the app is available. You can perform this by referring to the app market and checking for updates. If one is available, then click “update” and your app will be renewed. Just to change pace, if you want to target audiences across all mobile platforms, then you will need to consider creating an app for each platform. You can worry about this at a later time after putting an app that’s compatible with one platform through a trial phase. Free Smartphone Apps.

Smartphone App Store

Smartphone App Store

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Smartphone apps are programs that run specifically on smartphones, and the best way to download them is from is through a smartphone app store. They perform a multitude of functions which form an integral part of peoples daily lives. Smartphone apps allow one to communicate, compute, entertain, take pictures, play music, download movies, search for directions, maintain address, send and check email, browse the internet, and so much more from a compact handheld device. It is exceptionally a convenient way of staying connected and exchanging information from anywhere and any time, with the use of suitable apps from the smartphone app store.

Connect with the Customer Through Smartphone Apps

The greatest advantage of mobile apps is that apart from the usual work they perform; they can be customized to serve niche industries like travel, legal, health, hospitality etc. A tech-savvy company owner like you should really leverage the advantages of mobile apps by creating your own business apps applicable to specific smarthphone platforms and storing them in different smart phone app store.

What is a Smartphone App Store?

A smartphone app store is a system of the online distribution of third-party manufactured applications which are suitable for certain platforms that are hosted by that particular phone. Not all apps work on every smartphone. Whichever app you develop should conform to a particular phone’s individual platform. Once the app is ready, it’s important that you release it to a specific app store. This is for the purpose of the app being easily accessible and downloaded by your targeted customers. However, with each of the major platforms having thousands of their own apps, it may not be easy for you to taste success immediately. A few simple tips can make your smartphone app marketing strategy more effective.

Know Your Market

Of all smartphones users, approximately 40% download apps on a regular basis. Each app store has its own pros and cons. Not all apps are going to be the most popular downloaded app. Analyze the market thoroughly and carefully select the platform your app will be attentive to.

Study Individual Platforms

Before creating an app for a particular app store, read the terms & conditions and other regulations of the platform which the store is based on.

Select the Proper Category

Your customers will download apps by browsing through the categories provided. Respectively, you should be cautious with putting your app on the correct listing. Incorrect categorization might deter your app(s) in various categories of the app store.

Do Some ASO

ASO, or App Store Optimization, is the strategy of optimizing the different components in your app such as content, keywords, etc. The main goal of ASO is to boost your app’s visibility when customers search the smartphone app store for relevant apps. Smartphone App Store.

HTC Smartphone

HTC Smartphone

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Smartphones are the latest talk of the town, and one the most popular ones are HTC smartphone. They’re becoming increasingly popular, due to the millions of apps that they offer. HTC is one of the leading brands for smartphones. If you own this type of breed of smartphones, then you may want to know what the top HTC smartphone apps are. You can access apps on your HTC smartphone through the Google Play market. Here’s a brief list of the top HTC smartphone apps:

HTC smartphone apps top List

Facebook for HTC smartphone

One of the most popular social networking sites is, simultaneously, the top HTC smartphone app. Facebook for HTC lets you access your Facebook account, update your status, upload photos, and more. This app gives HTC smartphone users the privilege of tapping into Facebook and using its services as they please.


Who wouldn’t’ love having remote access on their PC! The PhoneMyPc app lets you do just that. With this app, you can have full control over your Windows PC. During synchronization, you’ll be required to select a username and password. PhoneMyPC is so powerful that you can have live interactions with your PC and execute multiple tasks!


Opera is one of the best mobile browsers that your HTC smartphone can ask for. With a high browsing speed, this app supports multiple tabbing and many other slick features that you’d love to have on a browser.

Shop Savvy

This amazing app is highly recommended for people who love to shop. With Shop Savvy, you can save on all of your favorite purchases. The app comes equipped with a virtual bar code. Once you scan the bar code of a product, Shop Savvy will look for nearby stores that sell the product at the lowest price possible. It also checks the web for cheaper prices of the product.

TV to Go

Another great app for HTC smartphones. TV to Go offers several channels. You can catch up on your favorite TV shows, whether its entertainment, news, or sports. With this app, you can keep track of all of your favorite shows without missing a single one!

Advanced Task Manager

The Advanced Task Manager is vital among HTC smartphone apps. This app lets you manage phone resources such as ending applications, increasing the phone speed, displaying memory information, and many other similar advanced features. Advanced Task Manager was once a paid app. Presently, it’s available as a free app. HTC Smartphone.

Marketplace Apps

Marketplace Apps

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Google has launched its very own marketplace apps store and offers plenty of apps in the business genre. These Google smartphone business apps are popularly known as “marketplace apps.” They can be used in conjunction with existing apps to utilize resources (email and spreadsheets) effectively. You can access Google smartphone apps on your phone by logging into your Google account credentials and installing these apps. Here’s the scoop on the top Google smartphone apps for your business:

marketplace apps top list

AdSense Dashboard

As a free app, this one provides four pages of valuable information. On the first page, you can view your earnings or CTR/RPM statistics for the current and previous day. The second page displays the top 10 URLs you have visited in the past week. On the third page, you can view colored graphs that are used to mark trends of each category. The last page shows a list of your earnings that’s recorded on a day-to-day basis. AdSense Dashboard is also equipped with a widget that constantly updates the details of all of your earnings.

Marketplace Apps-Analytix

Unlike AdSense Dashboard, this app isn’t free. Analytix is priced at approximately $2, if you’re purchasing the full version. With this app, you can check your stats with ease and choose from 6 widgets. Each widget gets automatically updated! Once the full version of Analytix is purchased, you can keep track of your earnings, stats, traffic sources, and much more.

Rhino Accounting

This is a free Google smartphone app that is basically a double-entry accounting app, similar to QuickBooks. Rhino Accounting allows you to monitor your income against expenditures, generate invoices, and also generate paychecks. If you’re aware of the basic accounting essentials, then this app will be very useful to you.


Project management is a component of every business manager’s life. Managing all aspects of a project can be a daunting task. RapidTask is a specialized to-do list that is centered on project management. It gives you the power to share tasks among your team members and assign tasks.


Google smartphone apps offer this amazing app wherein there’s a page for users to click on a date and time to seek an appointment with you. This appointment is directly loaded onto your Google Apps calendar, along with an email notification about the details regarding the appointment. Marketplace Apps.

Choosing a Smartphone

Choosing a Smartphone

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When you are choosing a smartphone, the first thing to consider is the available collection of apps for it. In Samsung’s case, who’s the leading brand of smartphones, the app collection is simply amazing; you’ll surely be delighted. From gaming to entertainment and shopping to finance, Samsung smartphone apps offer endless possibilities. Here’s the lowdown on the top smartphone apps when choosing a smartphone like Samsung.

choosing a smartphone-How To Find Top Apps

Your Samsung phone will have a Google Play icon. Once its clicked, you have access to a host of others apps. Enter the Google Play market using the menu on your smartphone and accept the terms and conditions to access the Samsung smartphone app market. After being directed to the app market, you can search for apps in various genres. The top app in every section will be at the very beginning of your search results.

Top Samsung Apps For Gaming

Angry Birds Space Premium is one of the top Samsung smartphone apps. Download this app and indulge yourself with an egg-saving quest! Osmos HD is another gaming app that’ll keep you addicted with its powerful features and serene gaming environment. A third gaming app is Triple Town, which is very popular in its own right. Triple Town will keep you entangled in its cryptic world of puzzles!

Top Samsung Apps For Entertainment

If you were to dig deep into the Samsung smartphone app market, then you’d find SoundHound. This is one amazing application that stores favorite tunes onto your phone. Going further into entertainment apps, there’s IMDB Movies & TV, one of the most popular entertainment apps on the Samsung platform. With this app, you can be well-informed of movies and TV shows and become a movie wiz!

Choosing a Smartphone Miscellaneous Top Samsung Apps

Trip It is an app that helps you organize all your travel plans and schedules on a single platform. This is for the purpose of not having to keep checking for confirmation emails every time you plan a trip. Also, consider Pulse. It’s a very intruiging Samsung smartphone app that allows you to choose your favorite news sources, thereby creating a personalized newspaper. Then, there’s Evernote. Evernote is another Samsung smartphone app that lets you store notes, record memos, and capture photos. You don’t have to remember everything manually! The last example of a misc. Samsung app is Sketchbook Mobile. This interesting app enables you to sketch on a digital platform. Thus, rendering a piece of paper and pen useless. Choosing a Smartphone.

Top Nokia Smartphone Apps

Top Nokia Smartphone Apps

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The best advantage of owning a Nokia smartphone is having special access to its wide range of top Nokia smartphone apps. Nokia’s new range of smartphones has all the apps that you could desire plus more. With a staggering amount of 1 million apps available on the Nokia apps platform, you’d be spoilt with options. The best part being an owner of a Nokia smartphone is that most Nokia smartphone apps are available at no cost. However, having an arsenal of 1 million apps can be overwhelming. Here’s an overview of the top Nokia smartphone apps that may help narrow your choices:

Top Nokia Smartphone Apps For Social Networking

Social networking is the buzzword of today. Almost every individual has an account with one social networking site or more. The Nokia smartphone app version of the Facebook app allows you to transfer all of your Facebook friends to People Hub (another social networking site). Consequentially, you can access your account virtually anywhere. Instant messaging is another valuable app that lets you connect instantly with your contacts on-the-go.
Whatsapp is the latest app that has become popular among smartphone users. It allows you to instantly get in touch with those who also have Whatsapp.

Top Nokia Smartphone Apps For Entertainment

Who wouldn’t want to have access to entertainment right through their phones? Nokia smartphone apps is comprised of a large quantity of entertainment apps, the top app being YouTube. Social Camera 2.5 is a must for video fanatics. With this app, you can upload videos directly to YouTube via your Nokia smartphone. Incidentally, Social Camera 2.5 lets you transfer videos to YouTube directly from SkyDrive (cloud storage).

Top Nokia Smartphone Apps For Gaming

Gaming addicts can now rejoice, as Angry Birds is currently available as a Nokia smartphone app. Download this app and start cracking every level the game has to offer! Plants vs. Zombies is another favorite gaming app that’s available on the Nokia apps platform. It’s sure to make you fall in love with its endless challenges!

Miscellaneous Top Nokia Smartphone Apps

Online shopping has paved the way to smartphone shopping. What better way to shop than right from your smartphone screen! eBay, a notorious tool for buying and selling items, is available for the Nokia smartphone apps platform. You’d be pleased with having eBay on your phone, for it gives you the ability to search for products that are within your budget or check to see if you’ve sold an item. Kayak is another app that’s very useful for frequent travelers. It helps you monitor flight schedules and timings directly from your phone. Top Nokia Smartphone Apps.

Types of Smartphone Apps

Types of Smartphone Apps

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A majority of us currently own a smartphone and have access to hundreds of types of smartphone apps available for it. But, do we know exactly what a smartphone app is?

What types of smartphone apps is?

Apps are programs that run on your smartphone, analogous to using MS Office on a Windows PC. These programs are mostly connected to the internet to access data. Smartphone apps also use GPS, camera, and other functions available on your phone. By default, a smartphone is accommodated with some apps which are already installed, while others require you to download apps from the app market. Some apps are free, some aren’t. Regardless, they’re usually relatively inexpensive.

Types of Smartphone Apps

There are several categories of smartphone apps available for download: games, entertainment, news, productivity, and many more. When downloaded, they’re stored as icons on your smartphone. Once the icon is clicked, the app either uses the internet or another function on your phone to complete its designated task.

Apps as a Business Promoting Tool

If you are looking to promote your business, then you would want your business to be advertised on all available platforms. Now that you’re aware of what A smartphone app is, you can take advantage of these apps to promote your business and, in turn, reel in profits. You can transform your website into an app that has your contact info and details regarding your business. Ultimately, you can make the app interesting and interactive for users and post it under the relevant apps category.

Apps For Social Networking

Social media has been making its presence felt at a fast rate. Respectively, it’s imperative that you must always be connected to the social media network. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites are all available in the form of apps. This makes tuning into the social media universe very easy for you, as well as enhancing your social presence.

Apps For Everything

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything you need. Whether it’s shopping needs, locating your favorite restaurant, or keeping track of the stock market, name it and you have it! There are smartphone apps that offer all sorts of services. For example, GPS grants access to localized services such as information concerning the weather, events in your area, and flight details. Types of Smartphone Apps.

The Smartphone Market

The Smartphone Market

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The smartphone market is flooding with millions of apps, with a new app being added daily. If you’re a smartphone user, then chances are you’re already hooked on several smartphone apps. But, how do you know which the best ones are? Since “best” is a subjective term, it’s pretty difficult to exactly pinpoint the best apps. Here are five of the best smartphone apps in the smartphone market that you’ll love having on your smartphone:

the smartphone market best  apps


• Everyone wants to stay tuned to current events 24/7. Zite does exactly that. This app is one of the best news apps available and can be personalized to your taste. To make the most out of Zite, you can sync it with your Twitter and Google Reader accounts. As a plus, Zite also sometimes adds its own articles.

The Smartphone Market-Angry Birds

• Angry Birds is a favorite app amongst most smartphone users. This app has taken gaming to a new dimension in a sense where it can keep you addicted for a couple of hours at least. Having several levels and interesting challenges make this game an all-time winner.


• Travel apps have been at the peak of the smartphone apps download list. Hipmunk is a travel app that stands apart from the rest. It has a simple interface. Thus, the app having the inability to list every flight available. You can, however, find a flight easily on Hipmunk by specifying budget, departure time, or length of the flight. Hipmunk displays flights that are convenient for every user.


• Manilla is an app that lets you keep track of your bill payments. This app allows you to manage your billing accounts for as many as 1,200 different businesses. These businesses could range from bank accounts to magazines and ensures that you don’t miss a payment. Another bonus feature of Manilla is it keeps track of reward points and daily deals, as well as notifying you of them.


• This app gives the “to-do list” a whole new meaning. With new innovations and collaborative components, Orchestra lets users share tasks with friends and have chat sessions with one another. You can also forward reminder e-mails to this app and add it to the to-do list. The Smartphone Market.